20 Algerian Love Phrases To Say To Someone You Love

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

20 Algerian Love Phrases To Say To Someone You Love

Looking for some Algerian love phrases to tell your significant other?

If you've got an Algerian girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or fiance, then you'll find the expressions below handy.

Some of the terms below are terms of endearment (nice things you can call someone), and some are situational. There are also varying degrees of intensity.

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Algerian love phrases


Transliteration: n7abik / n7abak

Meaning: I love you

Obviously this is the most important love phrase for your Algerian significant other. It literally means "I love you".

نموت عليك

Transliteration: nmout 3aliki / nmout 3alik

Meaning: I die for you

This one translates to "I die for you", and can be used in the sense of "I would die for you" or even "I love you to death".


Transliteration: twaheshtik / twaheshtak

Meaning: I miss you

This literally means "I miss you", and can be used both in the context of longing after a long period of time or a short time.

يا حياتي

Transliteration: ya 7ayati

Meaning: My life

This is an endearing term you can use on the person you love. It literally means "My life".

يا عمري

Transliteration: ya 3omri

Meaning: My life

This is another variation of the previous one and basically means the same thing.


Transliteration: neshtik

Meaning: I want you

This one can be harmlessly endearing or lustful depending on the context.

نبغيك ربك

Transliteration: nabghik rabbik / nabghik rabbak

Meaning: I want you, your Lord

This is a different way to say "I want you", and by putting "your Lord" on the end, it adds strong emphasis (like saying "by God").

دخلت في قلبي

Transliteration: d5alt fi 2albi

Meaning: You entered my heart

A stronger, more poetic way to tell someone you love them is to say they're in your heart. This is one way to do it.

ردي عليا ماقدرتش نتنفس

Transliteration: rodi / rod 3alaya ma2dirtsh nitnafis

Meaning: Answer me - I can't breathe

Breathlessness is a way of saying "I can't stand it". In this example, if you want someone to reply to you, you can add emphasis this way.

دنيتي و ما فيها

Transliteration: dinyati wa ma feeha

Meaning: My world and what's in it

This is how you tell a girl (or guy) that they are your world and everything in it. They mean a lot to you.

انتي عزيزة عليا

Transliteration: nta a3ziz a3liya / nti a3ziza a3liya

Meaning: You are precious to me

This is how you tell someone their value or high worth to you.

كبدة ديالي

Transliteration: kebda diali

Meaning: My liver

The significance of this expression lies in the fact that you can't live without your liver.

حبيبتي / حبيبي

Transliteration: 7abibti / 7abeebi

Meaning: My love

One of the most common terms of endearment in the Arab world, including in Algeria.

يا زلة

Transliteration: ya zella

Meaning: Oh / hey beautiful

This word is a slightly slang way of saying "beautiful" but can also mean "sexy" in a somewhat derogatory way.

زين ديالي

Transliteration: zayn diyaali

Meaning: My beauty

Diyaali is a way to signify your ownership of something. Zayn refers to something beautiful or pretty.

ربك غير نتي لنديك

Transliteration: rabbak ghiyr nta li nideek / rabbik ghiyr nti li nideek

Meaning: Your Lord, except you I take

This is a roundabout way to say you want to "take" someone in marriage. "Your Lord" is a wishful expression.

مضروب فيك

Transliteration: maDrub feek / feeki

Meaning: I'm struck by you

This is one way to tell someone you have a crush on them.

نديك و نروح و لا تتيح روح

Transliteration: ndik ou nrou7 ou la tati7 rou7

Meaning: I take you and go or drop a spirit

This one sounds strange but what it actually is comparable to is "without you, I'll lose my soul".

بسلاحي ضربتيني

Transliteration: bslaa7i darabtini

Meaning: You hit me with my weapon

This is another creative way to say you've been "struck" by someone. This time with your own weapon.

يا نجمة

Transliteration: ya nigma / nigm

Meaning: Oh, star

You can literally call someone you love a "star". This is how you do it.


Now you're armed with some useful Algerian love phrases to use on your special someone.

Obviously there are plenty more expressions and terms of endearment that we could have listed here, but these will do for now.

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