20+ Meaningful Arabic Tattoo Ideas For Guys And Girls

Nora Nasr


Nora Nasr

20+ Meaningful Arabic Tattoo Ideas For Guys And Girls

Are you considering getting a tattoo in Arabic?

Arabic script/calligraphy looks cool and the words often have deep meaning, so it’s no wonder that so many people decide to get a tattoo with Arabic writing.

If you’re ready to get inked and not sure what kind of Arabic tattoo to get, this list will help.

I've compiled a list of 20+ suggestions for meaningful Arabic tattoos to help you out.

Meaningful tattoo ideas (for men and women)


Meaning: Fighter

Pronounced: Muqatil

Number one on the list is the word fighter or مقاتل (Muqatil) in Arabic.

This tattoo is a great one for anyone who has overcome hardships or challenges in his or her life; it reveals a strong resilient personality who does not give up easily.


Meaning: Artist

Pronounced: Fanaan

The second word on our list is فنان (Fanaan), which means artist in English.

This tattoo is suitable for someone who is an artist or creative. The word فنان in Arabic is often used to describe a highly sensitive and artistic soul or a person who loves and appreciates art and beauty in all its forms and expressions, whether it’s music, painting, dance, or any other art form.


Meaning: Forgiveness

Pronounced: Ghofran

The word غفران (Ghofran) in Arabic means forgiveness.

Sometimes it pays to be literal in intentions and tattoos, and if forgiveness is something you’re trying to practice, then this is a nice tattoo concept you might want to get.


Meaning: Adventure

Pronounced: Mughamara

Are you an adventurous person that’s looking for a tattoo to match your personality?

A tattoo with the word adventure is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to express their passion and love of thrilling experiences in ink form!

ابقى قويا

Meaning: Stay strong

Pronounced: Ibqa qawian

Whenever we put ink on our skin, it usually serves as a reminder of some sort. And what better reminder is there than one that tells us to stay strong?

That’s exactly what ابقى قويا (Ibqa qawian) translates to Arabic. This a beautiful tattoo concept for those who need reminders about holding it together whenever life weakens our fortitude.


Meaning: Silence

Pronounced: Alsamt

The word الصمت means silence in English.

Tattoos can represent someone's individuality as well as their personal style. While extroverts may choose bold, flamboyant tattoos, introverts may prefer a smaller, more delicate tattoo to make a quieter statement that is more reflective of their nature.

If you’re the reflective, quiet or meditative type and looking for a tattoo that reflects these characteristics, then this simple tattoo option is a great choice!


Meaning: Love

Pronounced: Habun / Alhubu

The word for love in Arabic is حب (Habun) or الحب (Alhubu).

Did you know that there are 14 names for love in Arabic? And each one denotes the degree of love. If you have ever lived or spent time in an Arab country, you’ll know that Arabs are very romantic and poetic people and the concept of love is very prevalent in Arabic music, art, and culture. If you’re a hopeless romantic yourself, you might consider getting the word حب tattooed on your skin!

لا شيء يبقى للأبد

Meaning: Nothing lasts forever

Pronounced: La shay' yabqaa lil'abad

The words لا شيء يبقى للأبد (La shay' yabqaa lil'abad) mean “nothing lasts forever” in English.

This saying talks about one of the inevitable facts about life since everything in this world is transient and will eventually come to an end. If you are someone who likes pondering on life’s fleeting nature, this might be the tattoo to get!


Meaning: Angel

Pronounced: Malak

If you’re someone who is interested in the ethereal realm or religious concepts, this is a tattoo you might like.

Malak is also a delicate and beautiful female name.


Meaning: Fate/Destiny

Pronounced: Qadar

Do you believe in destiny or fate?

In Arabic, the word قدر (Qadar) translates to fate/destiny. To believe in fate or destiny is to believe in the notion that the universe (or cosmos) has a set natural order. In Arabic culture, this concept of destiny often shapes the worldview of many Arabs.

If you’re someone who believes in the concept of fate, this can be a nice tattoo to get.


Meaning: Paradise

Pronounced: Firdaws

The word فردوس means Paradise in English and it is also a girl's name in both Arabic and Persian!


Meaning: Brave

Pronounced: Shoja3

Getting the word brave tattooed on your skin is an excellent way to showcase your bravery.

The tattoo can also represent authority, leadership, and family pride.

Bravery is a common tattoo design, as almost everyone wishes they were more daring, and those who are courageous want others to know it.

Note: The number "3" is used to represent the letter (ع / ʿayn) in the Arabic alphabet.

تألمت فتعلمت فتغيرت

Meaning: I suffered, I learned, I changed

Pronounced: Ta'alamat fataealamt fataghayart

Essentially, you can never know true happiness or joy unless you understand, acknowledge, and experience emotional pain. But suffering and pain can also teach us things that help in the journey of self-growth and discovery.

This tattoo encapsulates this process of suffering and growth very well!

أحب نفسك اولا

Meaning: Love yourself first

Pronounced: 'Ahibu nafsak awla

Self-love and self-compassion are both very important for our mental health, and a tattoo that reminds us of that can be helpful. Self-esteem-related tattoos are more than just an Instagram trend or a catchphrase though. They can also serve as a reminder to stay connected to ourselves and to believe that we are deserving of good things.

In the words of John Lennon “We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others.”


Meaning: Ambition

Pronounced: Tumuh

The word طموح (Tumuh) in Arabic means ambition, and for someone who is ambitious, this can be the perfect tattoo to get!

Getting a word like ‘ambition’ tattooed on your skin can be a powerful way to remind yourself to stay ambitious!

Given that almost everyone in the world wants to keep that drive to do more in their lives, it's not surprising that an ambition-related tattoo is a popular choice amongst ink lovers!


Meaning: Balance

Pronounced: Tawazon

In Arabic توازن (Tawazon)  means balance, which is sometimes also used to represent spiritual themes.

Getting a tattoo with the word ‘balance’ is a great way to show off your balanced and sensible persona.

Many people also balance related symbols tattooed on their bodies to symbolize balance and harmony in their own lives.


Meaning: Passion

Pronounced: Shaghaf

Remember the 14 degrees of love we talked about earlier?

Well, شغف (Shaghaf) means passion, and it is the third degree of love!

The word also means extreme attachment. This is another great option for someone who is a romantic or passionate type of person!


Meaning: Freedom

Pronounced: Alhorriea

In Arabic, الحرية (Alhorriea) means freedom. The concept of freedom is quite important to Arabic nations and cultures!

A freedom tattoo can also be an excellent way to show the world that you have broken free from your past and it can symbolize overcoming adversity and coming out stronger.

من دون ألم لن نعرف السعادة

Meaning: Without pain we would not know joy

Pronounced: Min dun 'alam lan naerif alsaeada

This tattoo concept comes from John Green's famous novel The Fault In Our Stars, where he writes, "Without pain, we wouldn't know joy."

A lovely and true saying that can serve as a beautiful reminder in tattoo form too!


Meaning: Faith

Pronounced: Eyman

Faith tattoos are often chosen to communicate someone’s particular faith and religious ideas.

Usually, a person’s ideals are driven by their faith, and a tattoo expressing that religious conviction can act as a daily reminder of everything you and your religion stand for.

Eyman/Eman is also a popular and very beautiful name for a girl.

حرر عقلك

Meaning: Free your mind

Pronounced: Harir 3aqlak

Last but not least, we have the saying حرر عقلك which means “free your mind”.

For someone who values free thinking and critical thought, this can be a nice tattoo concept to get!

There you have it.

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