Arabic Words: Frequency List (1000+ Most Common Words)

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Looking for a good, detailed list of Arabic words (frequency list of the most common terms)?

In the table below, we’ve compiled the first 1000 most frequently-used words (and terms) in Arabic (MSA). At the top of the list, you’ll see terms that are used in practically every conversation many times, but the further down you go, the less frequent they are.

Obviously, some of the words below will be different depending on the dialect (these are Modern Standard Arabic).

Arabic Words Meaning
ال the
و and; with
في in, inside; on (a date); at (a time); about (a topic); among (with pl pronoun) فيكم among you all; could (in requests) هل فينا أنْ could we…?
مِن from; (with following verb or masdar) since
ل for, to
ب with, by
بِسَبَب because of, due to
عَلى on, above
أنَّ that
إلى to, towards; till, until
كانَ، يَكونُ، الكَوْن to be
لا no; not, non-
ولا…ولا neither…nor
ألا doesn’t/didn’t?
الله Allah
والله I swear (by God)
أنْ to
لِأنْ in order to
بَعدَ أنْ after (with perf. or imperf) بَعدَ أنْ ذَهَبَ after he went,
بَعدَ أنْ يَذهَبَ after he goes
عَن from, about
عَن طَريق by way of, via
قالَ، يَقولُ، القَوْل to say إنَّ that, to tell ل sb إنَّ that
هذا this (masc sing)
مَعَ with
مَعَ هَذا/ذَلِك nevertheless
معاً together
ألَّتي (fem sing) who, whom; which, that
كُلّ each; every; all (of)
الكُلّ everyone
كُلُّ شَيْءٍ everything
كُلُّ ما everything that
كُلُّ مَن everyone that
كُلُّ مِن each one of (the following)
عَلى كُلٍّ in any case, anyhow
هُوَ he, it
ف and, so
هَذِهِ this (fem sing)
أَوْ or
ألَّذي (masc sing) who, whom; which
أنا I
يَوْم، أيّام day
اليَوْم today
يَوْماً ما someday
يَوماً ever; (with neg) never
لَم (with jussive) did not
ألَم didn’t…?
ما not
أما don’t/doesn’t/didn’t…?
إنَّ truly; that (after قالَ)
ما what, whatever, that which
يَيْنَ/ما بَيْنَ between; among
فيما بَينَنا among ourselves
هِيَ she; it; they
بَعدَ after
يا O…!
ذَلِك (masc sing) that
قَد (with perf) has/have already
كانَ قَد had already
يَكونُ قَد will have already
آخَر، أُخرى other, another; one more, additional
شَيْء، أشياء thing, something
عِندَ with, next to; at (time, location); (to have)
أوَّل، أُولى، أوائِل first; best, top-most
أوَّل beginning
أوائِل forefathers
أوَّلاً first of all, primarily
غَيْر other (than), different (than); not
غَيْر أنَّ however, but
بِغَيْر without
إذا when, if, whenever;
و إذا ب and (then) suddenly
نَفْس، أنفُس same, self
عَرَبيّ، عَرَب Arab; Arabian; Arabic
أيّ any (in idaafa); what, which; whatever, whoever
رَئِيس، رُؤَساء president, leader; chief, head, chairman; main, chief,
عَمَل، أعمال working; work, activity, action
وَطَنيّ national; nationalistic
عَرَفَ، يَعرِفُ، المَعارِفة to know sth/sb or أنّ that; (perf) to
learn, find out أنَّ that
بَعْض some, several
بَعضَ الشَّيْءٍ a little, to some extent
بَعضُهُم بَعضاً each other
مَعَ بَعض together
على بَعض on top of each other
وَراء بَعض in line, in a row (one behind the other)
دَوْلة، دُوَل state, country
كَما and, also, as well
إلّا except (for), but (for), save
إلّا أنَّ however, except that
وإلّا otherwise
أنتَ you (masc)
كَثير many, much, numerous
كَثيراً very much
كَثيراً ما frequently, often
واحِد one, single
لِأنَّ because
لَكِنَّ (with following noun) however, but
لَيْسَ to not be
ألَيْسَ isn’t…?
جَديد، جُدُد new, modern
مِن جَديد again, anew
إنْ if; whether
وإنْ even if, although
ما إنْ… حَتّى no sooner had… than, had just…when
عام، أعوام year
أحَد/إحدى one (of, someone; anyone; (neg) nobody, no one
أكثَر more/most, greater/est in number
كَبير، كِبار large; great, important, major; adult, senior
الكِبار the adults
أخ، إخوان/إخوة brother
يا أخي my friend; (hey) buddy
كَيْفَ how
قَبلَ before
مِن قَبلِ before, prior to
قَبلُ/من قَبلُ previously, earlier
سَنة، سَنَوات year
أمْر، أُمور matter, issue, concern, affair
قُوَّة، ات/قُوىً power, strength, force
هَل (question marker)
خِلال during, through
في خِلال in the course of
في خِلال ذَلِك meanwhile
من خِلال by means of, through; across, via; on the basis of; based on
مَرّة، ات/مِرار time, moment, occasion
مَرّةً once
مَرَّتَيْن twice
مِراراً repeatedly
مَرّاتٍ several times, repeatedly
بِالمَرّة totally; completely; (with neg) never, not at all
رَأَى، يَرى، الرَّؤية to see sth/sb; to think, believe أنَّ that
أب، آباء بشفاثق
الأبَوان the parents
هُناكَ there, over there; there is, there are
تَمَّ، يَتِمُّ، التَّمام to finish, conclude, come to an end; to take
place, be held (event)
حَيْثُ where, in which (non-question word)
حَيْثُ/بِحَيْثُ so that, in order to
حَيْثُ أنَّ since, because, given that
من حَيْثُ ال in terms of, based on
ثانٍ/الثّاني second, additional; next, following
ثانياً secondly, furthermore
ثَانيةً again, once more
حَتّى until, up to
جَميع all (of); everyone one (of)
الجَميع everyone
جَميعاً altogether; all, entirely
مِنطَقة، مَناطِق region, area, zone, territory
حَقّ، حُقوق truth; legal right; true, right
الحُقوق the law
حَقّاً really, truly
أمريكيّ American
مِثْل، أمثال like, similar to
لَوْ if
وَلَوْ even if
لَوْ لا if not, if it weren’t for
عامّ general, common, public
اِسم، أسماء name
أمكَنَ to be possible (ل for sb) to do sth
يُمكِنُ أنْ it’s possible to (do sth)
رَجُل، رِجال man
لَكِن but
عالَم، عَوالِم world
حَياة life
مَوْضوع، مَواضيع subject, topic, issue, theme; placed, laid down;
located, situated
وَزير، وُزَراء minister
نَحنُ we
وَقْت، أوْقات time, moment, period
في الوَقْت الذي while
بَلَد، بِلاد/بُلدان country, nation
مَن who, whom
مَجلِس، مَجالِس council, board
مَجلِس الشَّعْب parliament
مَجلِس الشُّيوخ US Senate
قامَ، يَقومُ، القَوْم to rise, stand up; to undertake, carry out ب
(task, activity); to play ب (a role); to be based على on; (with imperf)
to start to do sth
حُكومة ات government, administration
بَيْت، بُيوت house; family
بَيْت، أبَيات verse (of poetry)
دونَ without; under, below
مِن دَونَ/بِدونَ without
فِلَسطينيّ Palestinian
ثُمَّ then, afterwards; besides, furthermore
جاءَ، يَجيء، الجَيْئة to come (إلى to); to come to sb; to appear, show
up (في in sth written or spoken)
قَلْب، قُلوب heart; center, essence; overthrowing, toppling (a
regime); turning over (pages)
ألْف، آلاف thousand
ناس people, humans; persons
طَريق، طُرُق road, course; way, method
أرْض، أراضٍ/الأراضي earth, ground; land, territory
سَبَب، أسباب reason, cause
شَرِكة ات company, corporation
عَدَد، أعداد number, quantity; (periodical) issue, edition
بَيْنَ أعداد ال among those who
صورة، صُوَر picture, image, photo; manner, way, form
دَوْليّ international, wold, global
دُوَليّاً internationally, worldwide, globally
شَعْب، شُعوب people, nation
عادَ، يَعودُ، العَوْدة to return, go back إلى to sth; to be attributed
إلى to sth/sb; (with imperf) عادَ يَفعَلُ to repeat sth, do sth again;
لم يَعُد to no longer do sth or be sth
إنْ شاء الله hopefully, God willing
كَما شِئْتَ as you wish
الآن now
أرادَ، يُريدُ، الإرادة to want, desire sth or أنْ to do sth
أهْل، أهالٍ/الأهالي family, relatives, folks; people, inhabitants
تِلكَ (fem sing) that, those
عَيْن، عُيون eye; water spring, water source; spy, secret agent; eye
الَّذينَ (masc pl) who, whom
شَكْل، أشكال manner; form, shape; appearance, look
عَمَليّة ات operation, process
أمّا as for…, concerning…,
أمّا بَعدُ and now to our main point
خاصّ special, specific; private, personal; exclusive, elite
حَوْلَ around about, concerning
عَمِلَ، يَعمَلُ، العَمَل to work, function; to make, prepare, build
عَنى، يَعني، العِناية to mean, imply sth or أنّ that
عُنِيَ، يُعنى to be concerned ب with, take an interest ب in
وَجَدَ، يَجِدُ، الوَجْد to find sth/sb
يوجِد there are
خَيْر goodness, good; better (من than), best
وَطَنيّ national; nationalistic; nationalist
مَدينة، مُدُن city
اِبْن، أبناء son
أبناء children
أبناء البِلاد th native population
أيضاً also, as well; besides
سَ/سَوْفَ will
طَيِّب good, nice; pleasant; delicious; OK
يَد، الأيدي hand
مَشروع، مَشاريع project, enterprise; lawful, legal
مَشروع قانون bill, draft law
صَوْت، أصوات , voice, sound; vote
أمامْ front, font part
أمامَ in front of, facing
إلى الأمام forward
سَمِعَ، يَسمَعُ، السَّماع to hear sb, listen (إلى) to sb
نِسبة، نِسَب ratio, rate, percentage
بِالنِّسبة إلى concerning, regarding, in relation to
حال، أحوال situation, condition, case
حالاً immediately, right now
شَهُر، شُهور/أشهُر month
بَل but, rather; in fact
بَرنامَج، بَرامِج program
أُمّ، أُمِّهات mother
بِأُم العين with one’s own eyes; the best, greatest, finest
حَرب، حُروب war, warfare
عِندَما when, as soon as
وَضْع، أوْضاع laying down, putting, placing; drafting (document);
situation, state of affairs, status, condition
دَوْر، أدْوار role, part, task, function; floor (building level);
stage; turn (chance to act, play a role)
وَجه، وُجوه face, font; side; way, manner
وَجه، أوْجُه aspect, facet
بِوَجهٍ عامّ/خاصّ generally/specifically
جِدّ seriousness, earnestness
بِجِدٍّ seriously, in earnest
بَدَأَ، يَبدَأُ، البَدء to start, to begin (في) sth or (with imperf)
to do sth
كَلِمة ات word; remark; speech
طِفل، أطفال child, infant
مُنذُ since, ago; ever since, starting from
لَدى with, by, at; to have
أصبَحَ to become sth; to being, start (to do sth)
مَكان، أمكِنة/أماكِن place, location; position, role, post
صارَ، يَصيرُ to become; to happen; (with imperf) to begin to do
مُشكلة، مَشاكِل problem, issue
عَشَرات tens, scores, dozens
وَصَلَ to arrive إلى at; to connect, link, join (بين) between
إسلاميّ Islamic; Islamist
ساعة ات hour, time, o’clock; clock, watch
شَيخ، شُيوخ sheikh, leader; old man; senator
أكَّدَ to confirm sth or أنّ that; to underscore, emphasize (على) sth
or على) أنّ) that
سَلام ات peace; (pl) greeting, salute
السلام الوَطَنيّ the national anthem
سَِّد، سادة Sir, Mr; lord, master, boss
صاحِب، أصحاب owner, possessor; originator; friend, companion
حَرَكة ات movement, motion, activity; organization, (political)
رَبّ، أرباب lord, master; Lord; owner, proprietor
حَدّ، حُدود extent, limit, level; edge, corner
حُدود border, frontier; range, scope
أخَذَ، يَزْخُذ، الأخذ to take sth; (imperf) to begin to do sth
نِظام، نُظُم/أنظِمة regime, government, system; orderliness
ذات، ذَوات ego, self; (idaafa) a certain, a given (day, time,
occasion, person, thing)
بالذّات exactly, precisely
قَضِيّة، قَضايا problem, issue; lawsuit, legal case
ماضٍ/الماضي past; previous, last; the past
إنسان، أُناس human being
حالة ات condition, state, situation; case, instance
أخير last; latest, recent
الأخير the latter
أخيراً finally; recently lately
رَغم، على الرَّغمِ من، بالرَّغمِ من in spite of, despite
جانِب، جَوانِب side, aspect, part
إلى جانِب، بِجانِب next to, beside
حُبّ affection, love
حُبّاً ل out of affection for, for love of
جامِعة ات university; league
قَرار ات decision, resolution
لَقَد (with perf) has/have already
زالَ to cease
لا يَزالُ، ما زالَ، لا زالَ، ما يَزالُ to continue to be or do sth
رَأْس، رُؤُوس head; tip, top
رَأْس مال، رُؤُوس أموال capital; (geo) cape
رَأساً immediately
تَحتْ bottom part
تَحتَ below, under
وِزارة ات ministry
هَدَف، أهداف goal, target; intention, objective; (sports) goal, point
عَلاقة ات relation, link, tie, connection
مُتَّحِد united
مُجتَمَع ات society
مَركَز، مَراكِز center; station; (sports) ranking, position
حَكى، يَحكي، الحِكاية to tell, relate, report
نَتيجة، نَتائِج result, outcome; consequence
نَتيجةً ل as a result of
رَأْي، آراء opinion, view; idea
إدارة ات administration, management; bureau, office, directorate
صَغير، صِغار small; young; children, youths
قانون، قَوانين law, statues, regulations
بما أنّ because, in light of the fact that, considering that
بما في ذلك including
اِستَطاعَ to be able ْأن/vn. to do sth, to be capable أنْ/vn. of
doing sth
ماء، مِياه water; liquid; juice
مِياه (body of) water
أمْن safety, security, protection; order, control, discipline
قَدَّمَ to offer, present sth; to submit (request, complaint) to apply
على for (position)
شَخص، أشخاص person, individual
كَلام speech, talk; statement, remark; saying, quote
مَوقِع، مَواقِع position, location, site; website
مِئَة، مائِة hundred
مئات hundreds
حينَ when
داخِلْ interior, inside
داخِلَ inside (of)
وَحدة ات unity, solitude, loneliness; unit, item; portion, selection
أُمّة، أُمَم nation; people, community
مُهِمّ important, serious
من المُهِمّ the important thing is that, what’s important is
مِليُون، مَلايين million
دُكتور، دَكاتِرة doctor (physician or holder of doctorate); (title)
فِعْل، أفعال doing; deed, act, action, (ling) verb
فِعلاً، بالفعل really, actually, in fact
بِفِعل because of, owing to
حُلو sweet, nice pleasant
فَريق، فرقاء team, group, band; faction, party; (pl) lieutenant
بَقِيَ، يَبقى البَقاء to remain, stay (على in a state); to last,
endure; to be left over; to continue doing sth or being sth; (with neg)
to no longer do sth or be sth
لَجنة، لِجان committee, council, commission
مُختَلِف different, divergent; various; in disagreement (في/على about
وَجَبَ، يَجِبُ to be necessary على for sb أنْ to do sth; to be
incumbent upon على sb أنْ to do sth
نَظَر، أنظار looking إلى at; examining, looking في into; view,
looking, glance, opinion
نَظَراً ل due to, in view of the fact that
مَجال ات area, space; field, domain, sphere; sector; arena
مَجال جَوِّيّ air space
فَتْرة، فَتَرات time period, phase, interval
شَبّ، شَباب young man, youths
شَأْن، شُؤون matter, affair, case; situation, condition
ذَكَرَ، يَذكُرُ، الذِّكر to mention sth/sbh; to remember sth/sb;
يُذكَر أنّ it’s worth mentioning that
سُؤال، أسئِلة question, inquiry
وُجود existence, presence, being present
حَلّ solving (a problem); solution; dissolution, annulment;
طالِب student, applicant; seeking, requesting
مُستَوىً، مُستَوَيات level, standard
وَاللّهِ by God; I swear (an oath)
وحياتك I swear (on your life)
أمْ or (in questions)
أمْ لا؟ …or not?
فَقَط only, just, solely
..ليس..فقط بل not just… but (also) …
وِلاية ات mandate, term of office; state, province
قَدْ (imperf) may, might
عَضو، أعضاء member, associate; (anat) organ, limb
حَتّى (with subjunctive) in order to, so that
عُمْر، أعمار age (of a person); life, lifetime
دائِم lasting, enduring; permanent, constant
سابِقٍ former, previous, preceding
سابِقاً formerly, perviously
خَبر، أخبار news, report; (gram) predicate
تاريخ date, history
دِراسة ات study, research, examination
مَوقِف، مَواقِف position
حِزْب، أحزاب political party
مُؤَسَّسة ات institution, organization; foundation
أضافَ، يُضيفُ، الإضافة to add sth
قِطاع ات sector, section
قِطاع غَزّة Gaza Strip
مَجموعة ات collection, group; squad; bloc
سَلَّمَ to turn over, surrender sth إلى to sb; to great, salute sb
سَلِّم لي على give my regards to
سوق، أسواق market
حَمْد praise, commendation
دَخَلَ، يَدخُلُ، الدُّخول to enter sth
باب، أبواب door, gate; category, rubric; section, chapter
مِمّا which
أجْل sake
من أجلِ/لأجلِ because of, for the sake of
لأجلِ أنْ in order to
اِتِّحاد ات unification, unifying; union
تَحقيق ات achievement, realization; investigation; interrogation
(مع of sb)
الفُنون الجَميلة fine arts
نَوْع، أنواع type, kind, form
نَوْعاً ما somewhat, more or less
طَلَعَ to appear, emerge rise; to go outcome out, get out
خِدمة، خَدَمات service, assistance, aid
فيما while, meanwhile
فيما بَعدُ later
حاليّ present, current
حاليّاً presently, currently
حُكم، أحكام rule, government; (pl) judgement, decision, verdict;
statutes laws
بِحُكمِ by virtue of, because of
أشارَ، يُشيرُ، الإشارة to indicate, mention, cite, refer to إلى sth
جِهة ات side; direction; part, party; sector, office, institution
جِهات entities, parties, individuals, “players”
نَحوَ towards, approximately
طَويلاً for a long time, extensively
كَذَلِكَ likewise, also
حاوَلَ to attempt, try to do sth
قَوْل، أقوال statement, remark; saying, utterance
اِمرَأة/المَرأة woman, wife
حَقيقة، حَقائِق truth, reality; fact
جَعَلَ، يَجعَلُ، الجِعل to make sb/sth do sth (imperf); to cause
sb/sth to be sth; to appoint sb; to begin to do sth (imperf)
لَمّا when, after
سَأَلَ، يَسألُ to ask sb (في/عن about; إذا/إنْ whether); to request
from sb (أنْ to do sth); to pray to (God)
عاشَ، يَعيشُ، العِيْش to live, be alive, to experience sth
مُواطِن ون citizen, compatriot
سُلطة، سُلُطات power, rule, authority
سُلُطات authorities, people in power
بَدا، يَبدو to appear, seem (ل to sb, أنّ that); to look, seem (big,
small, happy, sad, etc)
على ما يَبدو/كَما يَبدو evidently, apparently, it seems
اِقتِصاديّ economic, economical
بَحْث، أبحاث search (عن for); discussion (في of);
research, examination (في of)
دين، أديان religion
حَمَلَ، يَحمِلُ، الحَمَل to carry, bear sth; to transport (cargo); to
become pregnant, to attack على sth, campaign على against
عَسكَريّ military; solider
كَم how many/much
جَيْش، جُيوش army; armed forces; troops
جِهاز، أجهِزة apparatus, machine; device, appliance; organization;
agency, bureau, office
مُشارَكة participation, association
طَبْع nature, character; printing
طَبعاً/بالطَّبع of course, naturally
اِعتَبَرَ to consider sth/sb to be; to regard sb/sth as; to believe
أنّ that
أحَبَّ to love, like sb; to want, like sth or to do sth
أتى to come إلى to sth; to come to sb; to bring ب sth
خَرَجَ، يَخرُجُ، الجُروج to exit, go out من/عن from; to leave من (a
place); to deviate عن from;
أعطى to give, provide sth to sb or ل to sb
حَبيب، أحباب/أحِبّة dear, darling, beloved, sweetheart
فَوْقْ top, upper part
فَوْقَ above, over
خارِِجْ outside, outer part, exterior
خارِجَ outside of
في الخارِج/بالخارِج overseas, abroad
خارِجاً outside
مَثَل، أمثال example; proverb
مَثَلاً for example
رَقْم، أرقام number, numeral, figure; rate; record
ضِدّْ opposite
ضِدَّ against
جَرى، يَجرى، الجَري to occur, take place, to happen ل to sb; to flow,
run (liquid); to run (person) وراء after sb
مَسؤول official, functionary; employer, boss, supervisor; responsible,
بَعيد، بِعاد distant, far, remote
بَعيداً عن far away from
كَبَبَ to write sth
كُتِبَ لَهُ to be granted (success)
كُتِبَ عليهِ أنْ to be destined (by God) to
حين، أحيان time, moment, opportunity
وَضَعَ، يَضَعُ، الوَضَع to put, place sth في/على/تحت inside/on/under;
to lay down (rules, conditions); to lay (an egg); to give birth to (a
child); to write, compile, draft, compose sth
نائِب، نُوّاب deputy, delegate, vice-
خاصّةً especially, particularly
الخاصّة the elite, the upper-class
وَلَد، أوْلاد child, son, boy
دَم، دِماء blood
صَحيح true, correct; sound, healthy; authentic (Hadith); yes, right
صَحيحاً really, truly
مَرحَلة، مَراحِل phase, stage, step; (sports) round
اِجتِماعيّ social
حَديث، أحاديث discussion, conversation, talk; story, interview; Hadith
سِياسة ات politics; (pl) policy
طَرَف، أطراف edge, side; tip, end; extremity (body limb); participant,
player, party, team
وَطَن، أوْطان nation, homeland
رُبَّما/لَرُبَّما perhaps, maybe
قَليل few, small amount
قَليلاً a little, somewhat; briefly, shortly
عَلِمَ to know sth or أنّ that; of find out أنّ that
حَتّى even, including; although, even though
مُدير director, manager; (office) boss, chief
نِهاية end, finish; termination, ending
إضافة addition
بالإضافة إلى in addition to
واقِع reality, fact; actual situation; falling (date), occurring
(time); located, found, situated (place)
كامِل complete, full; integral, perfect
بالكامِل completely
عَبرَ across, over, via; through, by means of
شَرق east
شَرقاً eastward
ظَلَّ، يَظُلُّ to stay, remain; to continue to be; (imperf) to keep on
تَعليم education, teaching; instruction
تَعليمات instructions, guidelines
تَعاليم precepts
روح، أرواح spirit, should; life
أفضَل better/best
مال money, capital
أموال assets, funds, monies
لَيْلٍ/اللَّيْلي night, night-time
لَيْلاً by night
لَيْلاً ونَهاراً day and night
أُسبوع، أسابيع week
مُؤْتَمَر ات conferences, congress, convention
لِقاء ات meeting, encounter; interview
رَدَّ، يَرُدُّ، الرَّدّ to answer على sb, to respond على to sth/sb; to
return, reciprocate (a favor)
كَي/لِكَي in order to, so that
بِناء building, constructing, erecting; structure, building, edifice
بِناء على based on, according to
طَريقة method, procedure, way
أعلى/عُليا higher/highest; advanced, superior
أعلاه above (mentioned), aforementioned
مُمكِن possible
دَعم support, assistance, bolstering, promotion
مَصدَر، مًصادِر source
حَدَثَ، يَحدُثُ to happen, occur, take place
لَحظة، لَحَظات moment, instant
فُرصة، فُرَص chance, opportunity
نادي، أندية club, association
مَعلومات information, data
هَيئة ات agency, organization; outward appearance, look
قِصّة، قِصَص story, tale
بِداية ات beginning, start; starting point
بِدايات origins, early history
جُنوب south, southern part
دَرى، يَدري to know, be aware of sth or ب sth or أنّ
دَعا، يَدعو، الدَعوة to call إلى for sth; to call (upon) sb إلى to do
sth; to invite sb إلى to or to do sth
مُباراة، مُبَريات game, match, bout; competition
إذ as, since, seeing that; while, when
إذ أنّ since, given that
اِعتَقَدَ to believe في in sth, or بأنّ/أنّ that
according to
دَقيقة، دَقائِق minute
مَلِك، مُلوك king
أعلَنَ to announce, declare, proclaim (عن) sth or أنّ that
قيمة value, worth, importance
قِيَم values, morals, ethics
لاعِب player, athlete; playing
أدّى، يُؤدّي to cause, produce إلى sth; to lead, direct, guide ب sb إلى to; to perform (function), to carry out (duty, mission); to take
(test, oath)
مادّة، مَوادّ substance, material; subject matter, topic; (school) course, subject; article, paragraph; material things, money
خَظ، خُظوظ line; phone line; air route; airline (company); handwriting; script, calligraphy
عَرْض، عُروض show, display presentation; offer, tender; width,
رِسالة، رَسائِل letter, missive; message, communication; dissertation,
رِسالات mission, task
اِنتِخاب ات election, selection
مَعنىً، مَعانٍ/الَمعاني sense, meaning, significance; concept, nuance
نُقطة، نِقاط point, dot; location, position
قَوِيّ strong, powerful; great
حِوار ات discussion, conversation, dialogue, talk
رَدّ، رُدود response, reply
رَدّ فِعل reaction
لُغة ات language
بَلَغَ، يَبلَغُ، البُلوغ to reach, arrive at, attain sth; to hear أنّ
سِعر، أسعار price, cost, rate
حَصَلَ، يَحصُلُ، الحُصول to get, obtain, acquire على sth
أقَلّ less/least, smaller/smallest, lower/lowest; minimum
قَلَّ، يَقُلُّ to be less (عن than), decrease, diminish
تَمام exact; complete; good, fine
تَماماً exactly; completely, totally
صَباح morning
صَباحاً in the morning
مَوجود existing, found, located; present
تَمَنّى to wish ل sb (happiness, success); to hope أنْ that
مَرَض، أمراض illness, disease
تَحَدَّثَ to speak إلى/مع to/with sb; to discuss عن (a topic)
أهَمّ more/most important
بُدّ escape, avoidance
لا بُدَّ من there’s no escaping, it’s inevitable
فَعَلَ، يَفعَلُ، الفِعْل to do sth
طَلَبَ، يَطلُبُ to request, ask for sth (من from sb); to apply for
sth; to order, place an order for sth; look for sth; to fail, press
(number on a phone)
صِحّة health, wellness; authenticity, truth
وَقَعَ، يَقِعُ to fall down; to take place; to be located
لازِم necessary, required; needed
تَعاوُن cooperation
زَوْج، أزواج spouse; husband
زَوْجان married couple
لِذَلِك therefore
تالٍ/التّالي following, subsequent
بِالتّالي therefore, consequently
شارِع، شَوارِع street
الشّارِع (figurative) the public, public opinion
نار، نيران fire; gunfire; hellfire
عَديد large number, large quantity; numerous, many
صَلّى، يُصَلّي، الصَّلاة to pray; to worship; to say a prayer على for
فِكرة، أفكار idea, concept, notion (عن about)
على فِكرة now that you mention it, by the way
تَرَكَ، يَترُكُ، التُّرك to leave (behind), quit, abandon, sth
دَرَجة ات degree, grade, level; class, rank
آخِر، أواخِر last, final, concluding; end, tail, conclusion; bottom,
إلى آخِرِهِ et cetera
أخيراً ولَيسَ آخِراً last but not least
اِجتِماع ات meeting, gathering
قَريب near, close; related
وَسَط، أوساط middle, center; environment
وَسطَ amid, among, in the middle of
أوْساط diplomatic circle, quarters
نَظَرَ، نَنظُرُ، النَّظر to look إلى at; to examine, look في into
واضِح clear, explicit; obvious, visible
مَوْت death
خُصوص regarding this matter, issue; in this regard, respect
خُصوصاً especially, particularly
إنّما but rather, on the contrary; (not just) but (also)
مَصلَحة، مَصالِح interest, advantage, favor; department, agency
أساس، أُسُس foundation, base; basis, principle
أساساً basically, fundamentally
على الأساسِ on the basis of
في الأساسِ in principle
صَحيفة، صُحُف newspaper
وَقَفَ، يَقِفُ to stop, cease (doing sth); to stand, rise
وَقَفَ جَنبَهُ to stand by, support sb
ذَهَبَ، يَذهَبُ، الذَّهاب to go, leave, depart
زِيارة ات visiting, visit
رائِع fantastic, amazing, marvelous, magnificent, awesome
إجراء conducting, carrying out, undertaking; procedure, process; step,
measure; move, action
اِتِّصال ات contact, communication; connection, relation,
دُنيا world
حَبَّ، يُحِبُّ، الحُبّ to love, like sb; to want, like sth or to do
زَوْجة ات wife
تَنفيذ execution, implementation, carrying out
لَوْن، ألوان color, tint, hue; type, sort, kind
قَديم، قُدَماء old, ancient
قُدامى old-timers, veterans
قادِم next, following, future; arriving, coming
كُرة ات ball, globe, sphere
زادَ، يَزيدُ، الزِّيادة to grow, increase; to exceed, go beyond على/عن
sth; to increase, add to (من) sth
عِدّة (idaafa) a number of, (invariable) several, numerous
عَودة return, going; return trip
عالٍ/العالي high, elevated
سِوى other than, except for
بَحر، بِحار sea
شَعَرَ، يَشعُرُ، الشِّعر to feel, be aware of ب sth
تَقرير، تَقارير report, account
مَرَّ، يَمُرُّ، المَرارة to pass by, go by (time, event); to pass by,
go past على/ب sth/sb; to visit, stop by على (sb’s place)
نِساء women
فَتَحَ، يَفتَحُ، الفَتْح to open sth; to open, start (a business); to turn on (lights, radio, TV); to conquer (city, land)
شَهِدَ، يَشهَدُ، الشَّهادة to witness, observe, see sth/sb; to testify, bear witness
سِلاح، أسلِحة weapon; branch of the armed forces
سِلاح الجَوّ air force
عِلم knowing; knowledge, information
عِلماً أنّ knowing that, in view of the fact that
إعادة repeating, doing sth again; returning, giving sth back
لَيْلة، اللَّيالي/لَيالٍ night, evening
اللَّيْلة tonight
ثَقافة ات culture, civilization
داخِليّ internal, domestic
مُنَظَّمة ات organization
فِكْر، أفكار thinking, thought; idea, concept, notion
رَسول messenger (Muhammad)
رُسُل messenger, apostle
جُزء، أجزاء part, section, piece; portion, fraction
اِنتَهى to end, finish, conclude sth
غَريب، غُرَباء strange; stranger, foreigner
غُرفة، غُرَف room, chamber
مُرور passing (of time); going through; passing by; stopping by (to visit); traffic
كَلِمة المُرور password
مُروراً ل passing, crossing, going through, via
حُرِّيّة ات freedom
تَسلَمُ thanks!
زِيادة increase, rise, growth; addition, supplement
قائِد، قادة leader, commander
وَسيلة، وَسائِل device, instrument, medium, means
نَقْل transportation, transfer; transmission, relaying (of news)
نَقْلاً عن quoting, as reported by
حَقيقيّ true, real, factual, authentic
اِحتاجَ to need, want إلى sth/sb
مُستَقبَل (noun) future
مُستَقبَلاً in the future
مَحكَمة، مَحاكِم court, tribunal
قِيادة leadership, command; driving (a vehicle), piloting (an aircraft)
قِيادات leaders, commanders
دِفاع defense (military, legal, sports); protection
سَبيل، سُبُل way, road; means
عِلميّ scientific, scholarly, academic
خِيال عِلميّ science fiction
بَينَما while
أصل، أُصول source, origin; descent, lineage; original, master copy
أصلاً originally, primarily
أُصول principles, basic rules; funds, assets, capital
عِلم، عُلوم science; the study of…
أمْنيّ security, safety, protection
مَنزَل، مَنازِل house, residence
زَمَن time, period, duration
بَيان statement, declaration; bulletin, communiqué; press release
بَيانات data, information
غَنيّ عن البَيان needless to say, it goes without saying
غَربيّ Western; Westerner; west of
أثَر، آثار record, trace; sign, mark; effect, influence immediately after
ضَرورة necessity, need
بالضَّرورة necessarily
كَريم، كِرام noble, distinguished; decent, dignified; generous; dear, precious
أساسيّ basic, fundamental
وَرَقة، وَرَق/أوْراق (collective) paper; leaves; cards
الوالِدان parents
جَمعيّة ات association, society
رَسميّ official, formal
رَسمياً officially, formally
أُستاذ، أساتِذة professor, teacher; (title) Prof, Mr; (polite) sir
اِحتِلال occupation (of land or property); filling (a post, a position)
أبيَض/بَيضاء/بِيض white; whites, Caucasians
مَكتَب، مَكاتِب office, bureau, department
مُنتَدىً، مُنتَدَيات assembly room, gathering place; (Internet) forum
مُقاوَمة resistance, opposition
شِعر poetry
مُحَلّيّ local
مُحَلّيّاً locally
عَظيم، عِظام great, mighty, powerful
إعلام information, media; informing, notifying
فيلم، أفلام film, movie
طَبيعيّ natural, normal
طَلَب ات request; demand; application; (purchase) order behind, past, beyond
إلى الوَراء backward, in reverse
وَحْد (with pron) alone, by itself, only it
فَهِمَ، يَفهَمُ، الفَهْم to understand sth/sb or في sth or أنّ that
بِلا without
دَعوة ات call; invitation; propaganda; (Islamic) missionary work
خَطوة، خَطَوات step, stride; measure
تَقديم offering, presenting, submitting
مَدىً range, extent, reach; time period, duration
تَجرِبة، تَجارِب experiment, test; experience, encounter; trial, ordeal
وَحيد only, sole, exclusive; alone
أمير prince, commander
مُدّة time period, length of time, interval
تَغْيير ات change, modification; replacement, switch
ماتَ، يَموتُ، المَوْت to die, pass away
دار، دِيار/دور house, home, abode; family, household
دُخول entering; entrance
أهَمّيّة importance, significance
صَعْب difficult, hard
مُقبِل next, coming, approaching, nearing
حَدَث، أحداث event, incident
دَوْرة ات (sports) championship, tournament; cycle, turn, rotation, lap; circulation; round (elections); session (meeting); tour, patrol, round; (school) course, class
دَوْرة مِياه bathroom, toilet
نَشاط، أنشِطة activity, movement, action
ضِمنَ within, inside; among
فَنّيّ artistic, technical; technician
أوُضَحَ، يوضِحُ، الإيضاح to clarify, explain (ل to sb) أنّ that
قُدرة، قُدُرات capacity, ability, potential, power
نِصْف half, middle, semi-
صَراحة sincerity, candor, frankness
بِصَراحة/صَراحةً frankly
جَماعة ات group, party; gang
مَعرِفة knowing sth/sb; meeting sb, becoming acquainted with sb
مَعارِف knowledge, information; culture, education
ظَهَرَ، يَظهَرُ، الظُّهور to appear; seem كَأنّ as if
مُواجَهة ات facing, confronting, encountering; confrontation, encounter
رَجَعَ، يَرجَعُ، الرُّجوع to return, go back, come back إلى to; to even عن (one’s decision); to go back (بِكَلامِهِ on one’s word)
إيّا (with object pron) to/of it
وَإيّا (with object pron) with it
بُطولة ات heroism; starring role; championship, tournament
نَجاح ات success
شُرطة police
لَعِبَ، يَلعَبُ، اللَّعِب to play (game, role)
تَنمية development, growth; progress
حاجة ات need, want (for what one lacks); desire, wish; objective, purpose, goal
بِحاجة إلى in need of
فَكَّرَ to think في/ب about sth/sb; to consider في أنّ doing sth; to
think believe أنّ that
تَطوير development, advancement; promotion, encouragement
شَمال north; northern
بَنك، بُنوك bank (financial institution)
فَرْد، أفراد individual, person
فَرداً فَرداً one by one, separately, individually
قَدَم، أقدام foot (also as a unit of measure)
عامِل، عُمّال employee, worker, laborer; operator; regent, prefect
العامِلون staff, workforce, personnel
ثَقافيّ cultural, intellectual, educational
قاعِدة، قَواعِد rule, principle, basis; military base
عاديّ regular, normal; ordinary
أكيد sure, certain, definite
أكيداً definitely, for sure
سَواء except, whether (or not), regardless, either (or); equality
يَوْميّ daily
يَوْميّاً every day, on a daily basis; per diem
صَلاة، صَلَوات prayer
شاعِر، شُعَراء poet
حُلْم، أحلام dream
وُصول attainment, achievement
قَتَلَ، يَقتُلُ، القَتْل to kill (often passive)
سُرعة speed
بِسُرعة quickly
عَزيز، أعِزّاء dear, precious
مَساء evening
عُنوان، عَناوين address; title, headline; URL
طَبيب، أطِبّاء physician, doctor
اِستِخدام usage, using, utilization
عَقْل، عُقول mind, intellect
عيد، أعياد holiday, festival, feast
أمَل، آمال hope, wish
أمَلاً hoping, wishing, in the hope (في أنْ that)
خارِجيّة foreign ministry, foreign office
دَفَعَ، يَدفَعُ، الدَّفْع to push sth; to pay (a sum of money); to compel, move sb إلى to do sth
قِيام undertaking, carrying out ب (task, activity); playing ب (a role); rising, standing up
مُنتَخِب ات elected; national team
جُرديّ، جُنود soldier
إذَن/إذاً therefore, consequently
اِتِّفاق ات agreement; accord, treaty
نور، أنوار light; lamp
شَديد intense, strong, severe
شَعبيّ popular; national, of the people
مُحافظة ات province, governorate
اِنتَظَرَ to expect, wait for sth/sb
مَثَّلَ to represent, speak for sb; to play, act as sb (film); to exemplify, illustrate sth
ظَرْف، ظُروف circumstance, condition, situation
أُسرة، أُسَر family, community
قَريّة، قُرىً village
مُقابِل opposite (to), corresponding (to), vis-à-vis
جَوّ، أجواء air, atmosphere; weather, climate
جَوّاً by air, by plane
وِكالة ات agency; office; dealership; proxy, deputation, power of attorney
خُطّة، خُطَط plan, project
مَدَنيّ civil; civilian
شارَكَ to participate, share (with sb) في in sth
نَزَلَ، يَنزِلُ، النُّزول to descend; stay في at
صَحّ right, correct; true
أزمة، أزَمات crisis, crunch
بَحَثَ، يَبحَثُ، البَحْث to look, search عن for; to discuss, debate (في) sth; to research, examine, look into في sth
مَملَكة kingdom
إطلاق releasing, launching; (النّار) firing, shooting
إطلاقاً/على الإطلاق (yes) absolutely, definitely; (no) not at all
على وَجه الإطلاق for sure
أوْسَط/وُسطى middle, central
مُحاوَلة ات attempt, effort
قَدَرَ، يَقدُرُ، القُدرة to be able to, be capable of (doing sth)
أسوَد، سَوداء، سود black; black people
قِسْم، أقسام section, portion; department, division
تَحديد specification; definition
تَحديداً specifically
خَلْف back, rear part
من خَلف behind (of) sth/sb
من الخَلف from the back, from the rear; at the back, in the rear
شَمس (feminine) sun
مَزيد addition, added amount, greater number (من of); more, additional, increased (من)
تَعَرَّضَ to be exposed إلى to sth; to encounter, run into, have to deal with إلى sth
اِهتِمام interest, attention; care, concern
دينيّ religious; spiritual
مُساعَدة ات help, support
مُساعَدات aid
كافّة (idaafa) all of, the entirety of
كافّةً all together
عَبْد، عَبيد servant, slave
العِباد humanity, humankind
غَرْب west; West
غَرْباً westward, in the west
عاصِمة، عَواصِم capital city
إطار framework, context
صِحّيّ health-related, sanitary
مَشكور thankful, grateful; thanks!
حُضور arrival, coming; attending, being present at (meeting, party, concert); viewing (film, TV show)
مَحَلّ، ات/مَحالّ place, location; shop, store
يَهوديّ، يَهود Jew, Jewish
تَنظيم ات organizing, planning; regulating, controlling; organization, network
رِياضة sports; physical exercise; physical education; mathematics
فَضْل favor, grace; kindness, goodwill; distinction, merit, credit; surplus
بَفَضْل due to, thanks to
فَضْلاً عن aside from, not to mention
فَضلاً عن ذلك futhermore, moreover
أثناء/ في أثناء during
في هذه/تلك الأثناء meanwhile
حَقَّقَ to achieve, realize (success, goals); to serve, promote (interests); to investigate في sth; to interrogate مع sb
رَفَضَ، يَرفُضُ، الرَّفْض to reject, refuse sth
شَخصيّة ات personality, identity; person, individual
أمين، أُمَناء trustee, keeper; secretary; loyal, faithful, reliable
أمين الصُّندوق treasurer
مُستَشفىً، مُستَشفَيات hospital
طولْ length; height
طولَ throughout, during (the entire)
كَذا thus, like that, in this way
كَذا وكَذا such-and-such, so-and-so
كَذا وكَيْتَ this and that
طاقة energy, power; potential, ability
قائِل saying; (noun) saying
كاتِب، كُتّاب/كَتَبة writer, author; office worker, clerk; writing
مَعروف known, well-known; favor, kind gesture, good deed; what is right
رِياضيّ sports, sportive; mathematical; mathematician
رِياضيّات mathematics
تَربية رِياضية P.E.
اِتَّصَلَ to contact ب sb, get in touch ب with sb; to be connected or related إلى to sth
أجنَبيّ، أجانِب foreign, foreigner
جُمهور، جَماهير multitude, public, the masses
اِستَمَرَّ to last, go on (for a certain amount of time); to continue doing sth
قَرَأَ، يَقرَأُ، القِراءة to read sth
سَماء، سَمَوات sky, heaven
نَسِيَ، يَنسى، النِّسيان to forget sth/sb
حَهْد، جُهود effort, exertion; endeavor
شَهيد، شُهَداء martyr
رَفَعَ، يَرفَعُ، الرَّفْع to lift, raise sth; to increase, boost sth; to lodge على against sb (a complaint)
عادة ات habit, custom, practice
عادةً usually, generally, typically
ضَغْط، ضُغوط pressing, exerting pressure; pressure, stress; voltage
سَهْم، أسهُم (econ) share, stock
سَهْم، سِهام arrow
زَمان time, period, duration
من زَمانٍ (it has been) for some time; (it was) a long time ago
مَسألة، مَسائِل issue, affair; matter, question
كَوْن being, by virtue of being
لِكَوْنِ because
الكَوْن the universe, existence
جَريمة، جَرائِم crime
إرهاب terror, terrorism; terrorizing, frightening
قَدْر extent, degree; amount, value; ability, capability, capacity
نِهائيّ ات final, definitive, conclusive; final (in sports)

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