Arabic Words: Frequency List (1000+ Most Common Words)

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Arabic Words: Frequency List (1000+ Most Common Words)

Looking for a good, detailed list of Arabic words (frequency list of the most common terms)?

In the table below, we've compiled the first 1000 most frequently-used words (and terms) in Arabic (MSA). At the top of the list, you'll see terms that are used in practically every conversation many times, but the further down you go, the less frequent they are.

Obviously, some of the words below will be different depending on the dialect (these are Modern Standard Arabic).

Arabic WordsMeaning
وand; with
فيin, inside; on (a date); at (a time); about (a topic); among (with pl pronoun) فيكم among you all; could (in requests) هل فينا أنْ could we…?
مِنfrom; (with following verb or masdar) since
لfor, to
بwith, by
بِسَبَبbecause of, due to
عَلىon, above
إلىto, towards; till, until
كانَ، يَكونُ، الكَوْنto be
لاno; not, non-
واللهI swear (by God)
لِأنْin order to
بَعدَ أنْafter (with perf. or imperf) بَعدَ أنْ ذَهَبَ after he went,
بَعدَ أنْ يَذهَبَafter he goes
عَن from, about
عَن طَريقby way of, via
قالَ، يَقولُ، القَوْلto say إنَّ that, to tell ل sb إنَّ that
هذاthis (masc sing)
مَعَ هَذا/ذَلِكnevertheless
ألَّتي(fem sing) who, whom; which, that
كُلّeach; every; all (of)
كُلُّ شَيْءٍeverything
كُلُّ ماeverything that
كُلُّ مَنeveryone that
كُلُّ مِنeach one of (the following)
عَلى كُلٍّin any case, anyhow
هُوَhe, it
فand, so
هَذِهِthis (fem sing)
ألَّذي(masc sing) who, whom; which
يَوْم، أيّامday
يَوْماً ماsomeday
يَوماًever; (with neg) never
لَم(with jussive) did not
ألَم didn’t…?
إنَّtruly; that (after قالَ)
ماwhat, whatever, that which
يَيْنَ/ما بَيْنَbetween; among
فيما بَينَناamong ourselves
هِيَshe; it; they
ذَلِك (masc sing) that
قَد(with perf) has/have already
كانَ قَدhad already
يَكونُ قَدwill have already
آخَر، أُخرى other, another; one more, additional
شَيْء، أشياءthing, something
عِندَwith, next to; at (time, location); (to have)
أوَّل، أُولى، أوائِلfirst; best, top-most
أوَّلاًfirst of all, primarily
غَيْرother (than), different (than); not
غَيْر أنَّhowever, but
إذاwhen, if, whenever;
و إذا بand (then) suddenly
نَفْس، أنفُسsame, self
عَرَبيّ، عَرَبArab; Arabian; Arabic
أيّany (in idaafa); what, which; whatever, whoever
رَئِيس، رُؤَساءpresident, leader; chief, head, chairman; main, chief,
عَمَل، أعمالworking; work, activity, action
وَطَنيّnational; nationalistic
عَرَفَ، يَعرِفُ، المَعارِفةto know sth/sb or أنّ that; (perf) to
learn, find out أنَّ that
بَعْضsome, several
بَعضَ الشَّيْءٍa little, to some extent
بَعضُهُم بَعضاًeach other
مَعَ بَعضtogether
على بَعضon top of each other
وَراء بَعضin line, in a row (one behind the other)
دَوْلة، دُوَلstate, country
كَماand, also, as well
إلّاexcept (for), but (for), save
إلّا أنَّhowever, except that
أنتَyou (masc)
كَثيرmany, much, numerous
كَثيراًvery much
كَثيراً ماfrequently, often
واحِدone, single
لَكِنَّ(with following noun) however, but
لَيْسَto not be
جَديد، جُدُدnew, modern
مِن جَديدagain, anew
إنْif; whether
وإنْeven if, although
ما إنْ... حَتّىno sooner had… than, had just…when
عام، أعوامyear
أحَد/إحدىone (of, someone; anyone; (neg) nobody, no one
أكثَرmore/most, greater/est in number
كَبير، كِبارlarge; great, important, major; adult, senior
الكِبارthe adults
أخ، إخوان/إخوةbrother
يا أخيmy friend; (hey) buddy
مِن قَبلِbefore, prior to
قَبلُ/من قَبلُpreviously, earlier
سَنة، سَنَوات year
أمْر، أُمورmatter, issue, concern, affair
قُوَّة، ات/قُوىًpower, strength, force
هَل(question marker)
خِلالduring, through
في خِلالin the course of
في خِلال ذَلِكmeanwhile
من خِلالby means of, through; across, via; on the basis of; based on
مَرّة، ات/مِرارtime, moment, occasion
مَرّاتٍseveral times, repeatedly
بِالمَرّةtotally; completely; (with neg) never, not at all
رَأَى، يَرى، الرَّؤيةto see sth/sb; to think, believe أنَّ that
أب، آباء بشفاثق
الأبَوانthe parents
هُناكَthere, over there; there is, there are
تَمَّ، يَتِمُّ، التَّمامto finish, conclude, come to an end; to take
place, be held (event)
حَيْثُwhere, in which (non-question word)
حَيْثُ/بِحَيْثُso that, in order to
حَيْثُ أنَّsince, because, given that
من حَيْثُ الin terms of, based on
ثانٍ/الثّانيsecond, additional; next, following
ثانياًsecondly, furthermore
ثَانيةًagain, once more
حَتّىuntil, up to
جَميعall (of); everyone one (of)
جَميعاًaltogether; all, entirely
مِنطَقة، مَناطِقregion, area, zone, territory
حَقّ، حُقوقtruth; legal right; true, right
الحُقوقthe law
حَقّاًreally, truly
مِثْل، أمثالlike, similar to
وَلَوْeven if
لَوْ لاif not, if it weren’t for
عامّgeneral, common, public
اِسم، أسماءname
أمكَنَto be possible (ل for sb) to do sth
يُمكِنُ أنْit’s possible to (do sth)
رَجُل، رِجالman
عالَم، عَوالِمworld
مَوْضوع، مَواضيعsubject, topic, issue, theme; placed, laid down;
located, situated
وَزير، وُزَراءminister
وَقْت، أوْقاتtime, moment, period
في الوَقْت الذيwhile
بَلَد، بِلاد/بُلدانcountry, nation
مَنwho, whom
مَجلِس، مَجالِسcouncil, board
مَجلِس الشَّعْبparliament
مَجلِس الشُّيوخ US Senate
قامَ، يَقومُ، القَوْمto rise, stand up; to undertake, carry out ب
(task, activity); to play ب (a role); to be based على on; (with imperf)
to start to do sth
حُكومة اتgovernment, administration
بَيْت، بُيوتhouse; family
بَيْت، أبَياتverse (of poetry)
دونَwithout; under, below
مِن دَونَ/بِدونَwithout
ثُمَّthen, afterwards; besides, furthermore
جاءَ، يَجيء، الجَيْئةto come (إلى to); to come to sb; to appear, show
up (في in sth written or spoken)
قَلْب، قُلوبheart; center, essence; overthrowing, toppling (a
regime); turning over (pages)
ألْف، آلافthousand
ناسpeople, humans; persons
طَريق، طُرُقroad, course; way, method
أرْض، أراضٍ/الأراضيearth, ground; land, territory
سَبَب، أسبابreason, cause
شَرِكة اتcompany, corporation
عَدَد، أعدادnumber, quantity; (periodical) issue, edition
بَيْنَ أعداد الamong those who
صورة، صُوَرpicture, image, photo; manner, way, form
دَوْليّinternational, wold, global
دُوَليّاًinternationally, worldwide, globally
شَعْب، شُعوبpeople, nation
عادَ، يَعودُ، العَوْدةto return, go back إلى to sth; to be attributed
إلى to sth/sb; (with imperf) عادَ يَفعَلُ to repeat sth, do sth again;
لم يَعُد to no longer do sth or be sth
إنْ شاء اللهhopefully, God willing
كَما شِئْتَ as you wish
أرادَ، يُريدُ، الإرادةto want, desire sth or أنْ to do sth
أهْل، أهالٍ/الأهاليfamily, relatives, folks; people, inhabitants
تِلكَ(fem sing) that, those
عَيْن، عُيونeye; water spring, water source; spy, secret agent; eye
الَّذينَ(masc pl) who, whom
شَكْل، أشكالmanner; form, shape; appearance, look
عَمَليّة اتoperation, process
أمّاas for…, concerning…,
أمّا بَعدُand now to our main point
خاصّspecial, specific; private, personal; exclusive, elite
حَوْلَaroundabout, concerning
عَمِلَ، يَعمَلُ، العَمَلto work, function; to make, prepare, build
عَنى، يَعني، العِنايةto mean, imply sth or أنّ that
عُنِيَ، يُعنىto be concerned ب with, take an interest ب in
وَجَدَ، يَجِدُ، الوَجْدto find sth/sb
يوجِدthere are
خَيْرgoodness, good; better (من than), best
وَطَنيّnational; nationalistic; nationalist
مَدينة، مُدُنcity
اِبْن، أبناءson
أبناء البِلادth native population
أيضاًalso, as well; besides
طَيِّب good, nice; pleasant; delicious; OK
يَد، الأيديhand
مَشروع، مَشاريعproject, enterprise; lawful, legal
مَشروع قانونbill, draft law
صَوْت، أصوات , voice, sound; vote
أمامْfront, font part
أمامَin front of, facing
إلى الأمامforward
سَمِعَ، يَسمَعُ، السَّماعto hear sb, listen (إلى) to sb
نِسبة، نِسَبratio, rate, percentage
بِالنِّسبة إلىconcerning, regarding, in relation to
حال، أحوالsituation, condition, case
حالاًimmediately, right now
شَهُر، شُهور/أشهُرmonth
بَلbut, rather; in fact
بَرنامَج، بَرامِجprogram
أُمّ، أُمِّهاتmother
بِأُم العينwith one’s own eyes; the best, greatest, finest
حَرب، حُروبwar, warfare
عِندَماwhen, as soon as
وَضْع، أوْضاعlaying down, putting, placing; drafting (document);
situation, state of affairs, status, condition
دَوْر، أدْوارrole, part, task, function; floor (building level);
stage; turn (chance to act, play a role)
وَجه، وُجوهface, font; side; way, manner
وَجه، أوْجُهaspect, facet
بِوَجهٍ عامّ/خاصّgenerally/specifically
جِدّseriousness, earnestness
بِجِدٍّseriously, in earnest
بَدَأَ، يَبدَأُ، البَدءto start, to begin (في) sth or (with imperf)
to do sth
كَلِمة اتword; remark; speech
طِفل، أطفالchild, infant
مُنذُsince, ago; ever since, starting from
لَدىwith, by, at; to have
أصبَحَto become sth; to being, start (to do sth)
مَكان، أمكِنة/أماكِنplace, location; position, role, post
صارَ، يَصيرُto become; to happen; (with imperf) to begin to do
مُشكلة، مَشاكِلproblem, issue
عَشَراتtens, scores, dozens
وَصَلَto arrive إلى at; to connect, link, join (بين) between
إسلاميّIslamic; Islamist
ساعة ات hour, time, o’clock; clock, watch
شَيخ، شُيوخsheikh, leader; old man; senator
أكَّدَto confirm sth or أنّ that; to underscore, emphasize (على) sth
or على) أنّ) that
سَلام اتpeace; (pl) greeting, salute
السلام الوَطَنيّthe national anthem
سَِّد، سادةSir, Mr; lord, master, boss
صاحِب، أصحابowner, possessor; originator; friend, companion
حَرَكة اتmovement, motion, activity; organization, (political)
رَبّ، أربابlord, master; Lord; owner, proprietor
حَدّ، حُدودextent, limit, level; edge, corner
حُدودborder, frontier; range, scope
أخَذَ، يَزْخُذ، الأخذto take sth; (imperf) to begin to do sth
نِظام، نُظُم/أنظِمةregime, government, system; orderliness
ذات، ذَواتego, self; (idaafa) a certain, a given (day, time,
occasion, person, thing)
بالذّاتexactly, precisely
قَضِيّة، قَضاياproblem, issue; lawsuit, legal case
ماضٍ/الماضيpast; previous, last; the past
إنسان، أُناسhuman being
حالة اتcondition, state, situation; case, instance
أخيرlast; latest, recent
الأخيرthe latter
أخيراًfinally; recently lately
رَغم، على الرَّغمِ من، بالرَّغمِ منin spite of, despite
جانِب، جَوانِبside, aspect, part
إلى جانِب، بِجانِبnext to, beside
حُبّaffection, love
حُبّاً لout of affection for, for love of
جامِعة اتuniversity; league
قَرار اتdecision, resolution
لَقَد(with perf) has/have already
زالَto cease
لا يَزالُ، ما زالَ، لا زالَ، ما يَزالُto continue to be or do sth
رَأْس، رُؤُوسhead; tip, top
رَأْس مال، رُؤُوس أموالcapital; (geo) cape
تَحتْbottom part
تَحتَbelow, under
وِزارة اتministry
هَدَف، أهدافgoal, target; intention, objective; (sports) goal, point
عَلاقة اتrelation, link, tie, connection
مُجتَمَع اتsociety
مَركَز، مَراكِز center; station; (sports) ranking, position
حَكى، يَحكي، الحِكايةto tell, relate, report
نَتيجة، نَتائِجresult, outcome; consequence
نَتيجةً لas a result of
رَأْي، آراءopinion, view; idea
إدارة اتadministration, management; bureau, office, directorate
صَغير، صِغارsmall; young; children, youths
قانون، قَوانينlaw, statues, regulations
بما أنّbecause, in light of the fact that, considering that
بما في ذلكincluding
اِستَطاعَto be able ْأن/vn. to do sth, to be capable أنْ/vn. of
doing sth
ماء، مِياهwater; liquid; juice
مِياه(body of) water
أمْنsafety, security, protection; order, control, discipline
قَدَّمَ to offer, present sth; to submit (request, complaint) to apply
على for (position)
شَخص، أشخاصperson, individual
كَلامspeech, talk; statement, remark; saying, quote
مَوقِع، مَواقِعposition, location, site; website
مِئَة، مائِةhundred
داخِلْinterior, inside
داخِلَinside (of)
وَحدة اتunity, solitude, loneliness; unit, item; portion, selection
أُمّة، أُمَمnation; people, community
مُهِمّimportant, serious
من المُهِمّthe important thing is that, what’s important is
مِليُون، مَلايينmillion
دُكتور، دَكاتِرةdoctor (physician or holder of doctorate); (title)
فِعْل، أفعالdoing; deed, act, action, (ling) verb
فِعلاً، بالفعلreally, actually, in fact
بِفِعلbecause of, owing to
حُلوsweet, nice pleasant
فَريق، فرقاءteam, group, band; faction, party; (pl) lieutenant
بَقِيَ، يَبقى البَقاءto remain, stay (على in a state); to last,
endure; to be left over; to continue doing sth or being sth; (with neg)
to no longer do sth or be sth
لَجنة، لِجان committee, council, commission
مُختَلِفdifferent, divergent; various; in disagreement (في/على about
وَجَبَ، يَجِبُto be necessary على for sb أنْ to do sth; to be
incumbent upon على sb أنْ to do sth
نَظَر، أنظارlooking إلى at; examining, looking في into; view,
looking, glance, opinion
نَظَراً لdue to, in view of the fact that
مَجال اتarea, space; field, domain, sphere; sector; arena
مَجال جَوِّيّair space
فَتْرة، فَتَراتtime period, phase, interval
شَبّ، شَبابyoung man, youths
شَأْن، شُؤونmatter, affair, case; situation, condition
ذَكَرَ، يَذكُرُ، الذِّكرto mention sth/sbh; to remember sth/sb;
يُذكَر أنّit’s worth mentioning that
سُؤال، أسئِلةquestion, inquiry
وُجودexistence, presence, being present
حَلّsolving (a problem); solution; dissolution, annulment;
طالِبstudent, applicant; seeking, requesting
مُستَوىً، مُستَوَياتlevel, standard
وَاللّهِby God; I swear (an oath)
وحياتكI swear (on your life)
أمْor (in questions)
أمْ لا؟…or not?
فَقَطonly, just, solely
..ليس..فقط بلnot just… but (also) …
وِلاية اتmandate, term of office; state, province
قَدْ(imperf) may, might
عَضو، أعضاءmember, associate; (anat) organ, limb
حَتّى(with subjunctive) in order to, so that
عُمْر، أعمارage (of a person); life, lifetime
دائِمlasting, enduring; permanent, constant
سابِقٍformer, previous, preceding
سابِقاًformerly, perviously
خَبر، أخبارnews, report; (gram) predicate
تاريخdate, history
دِراسة اتstudy, research, examination
مَوقِف، مَواقِفposition
حِزْب، أحزابpolitical party
مُؤَسَّسة اتinstitution, organization; foundation
أضافَ، يُضيفُ، الإضافةto add sth
قِطاع اتsector, section
قِطاع غَزّةGaza Strip
مَجموعة اتcollection, group; squad; bloc
سَلَّمَto turn over, surrender sth إلى to sb; to great, salute sb
سَلِّم لي علىgive my regards to
سوق، أسواقmarket
حَمْدpraise, commendation
دَخَلَ، يَدخُلُ، الدُّخولto enter sth
باب، أبوابdoor, gate; category, rubric; section, chapter
من أجلِ/لأجلِbecause of, for the sake of
لأجلِ أنْin order to
اِتِّحاد اتunification, unifying; union
تَحقيق ات achievement, realization; investigation; interrogation
(مع of sb)
الفُنون الجَميلة fine arts
نَوْع، أنواعtype, kind, form
نَوْعاً ماsomewhat, more or less
طَلَعَ to appear, emerge rise; to go outcome out, get out
خِدمة، خَدَماتservice, assistance, aid
فيماwhile, meanwhile
فيما بَعدُlater
حاليّpresent, current
حاليّاًpresently, currently
حُكم، أحكامrule, government; (pl) judgement, decision, verdict;
statutes laws
بِحُكمِby virtue of, because of
أشارَ، يُشيرُ، الإشارةto indicate, mention, cite, refer to إلى sth
جِهة اتside; direction; part, party; sector, office, institution
جِهاتentities, parties, individuals, “players”
نَحوَtowards, approximately
طَويلاًfor a long time, extensively
كَذَلِكَlikewise, also
حاوَلَto attempt, try to do sth
قَوْل، أقوالstatement, remark; saying, utterance
اِمرَأة/المَرأةwoman, wife
حَقيقة، حَقائِقtruth, reality; fact
جَعَلَ، يَجعَلُ، الجِعلto make sb/sth do sth (imperf); to cause
sb/sth to be sth; to appoint sb; to begin to do sth (imperf)
لَمّاwhen, after
سَأَلَ، يَسألُto ask sb (في/عن about; إذا/إنْ whether); to request
from sb (أنْ to do sth); to pray to (God)
عاشَ، يَعيشُ، العِيْشto live, be alive, to experience sth
مُواطِن ونcitizen, compatriot
سُلطة، سُلُطاتpower, rule, authority
سُلُطاتauthorities, people in power
بَدا، يَبدوto appear, seem (ل to sb, أنّ that); to look, seem (big,
small, happy, sad, etc)
على ما يَبدو/كَما يَبدوevidently, apparently, it seems
اِقتِصاديّeconomic, economical
بَحْث، أبحاثsearch (عن for); discussion (في of);
research, examination (في of)
دين، أديانreligion
حَمَلَ، يَحمِلُ، الحَمَلto carry, bear sth; to transport (cargo); to
become pregnant, to attack على sth, campaign على against
عَسكَريّmilitary; solider
كَمhow many/much
جَيْش، جُيوشarmy; armed forces; troops
جِهاز، أجهِزةapparatus, machine; device, appliance; organization;
agency, bureau, office
مُشارَكةparticipation, association
طَبْعnature, character; printing
طَبعاً/بالطَّبعof course, naturally
اِعتَبَرَto consider sth/sb to be; to regard sb/sth as; to believe
أنّ that
أحَبَّto love, like sb; to want, like sth or to do sth
أتىto come إلى to sth; to come to sb; to bring ب sth
خَرَجَ، يَخرُجُ، الجُروجto exit, go out من/عن from; to leave من (a
place); to deviate عن from;
أعطىto give, provide sth to sb or ل to sb
حَبيب، أحباب/أحِبّةdear, darling, beloved, sweetheart
فَوْقْtop, upper part
فَوْقَabove, over
خارِِجْoutside, outer part, exterior
خارِجَoutside of
في الخارِج/بالخارِجoverseas, abroad
مَثَل، أمثالexample; proverb
مَثَلاًfor example
رَقْم، أرقامnumber, numeral, figure; rate; record
جَرى، يَجرى، الجَريto occur, take place, to happen ل to sb; to flow,
run (liquid); to run (person) وراء after sb
مَسؤولofficial, functionary; employer, boss, supervisor; responsible,
بَعيد، بِعادdistant, far, remote
بَعيداً عنfar away from
كَبَبَto write sth
كُتِبَ لَهُto be granted (success)
كُتِبَ عليهِ أنْto be destined (by God) to
حين، أحيانtime, moment, opportunity
وَضَعَ، يَضَعُ، الوَضَعto put, place sth في/على/تحت inside/on/under;
to lay down (rules, conditions); to lay (an egg); to give birth to (a
child); to write, compile, draft, compose sth
نائِب، نُوّابdeputy, delegate, vice-
خاصّةًespecially, particularly
الخاصّةthe elite, the upper-class
وَلَد، أوْلادchild, son, boy
دَم، دِماءblood
صَحيحtrue, correct; sound, healthy; authentic (Hadith); yes, right
صَحيحاًreally, truly
مَرحَلة، مَراحِلphase, stage, step; (sports) round
حَديث، أحاديثdiscussion, conversation, talk; story, interview; Hadith
سِياسة اتpolitics; (pl) policy
طَرَف، أطرافedge, side; tip, end; extremity (body limb); participant,
player, party, team
وَطَن، أوْطان nation, homeland
رُبَّما/لَرُبَّماperhaps, maybe
قَليلfew, small amount
قَليلاًa little, somewhat; briefly, shortly
عَلِمَto know sth or أنّ that; of find out أنّ that
حَتّىeven, including; although, even though
مُديرdirector, manager; (office) boss, chief
نِهايةend, finish; termination, ending
بالإضافة إلىin addition to
واقِعreality, fact; actual situation; falling (date), occurring
(time); located, found, situated (place)
كامِلcomplete, full; integral, perfect
عَبرَacross, over, via; through, by means of
شَرقاً eastward
ظَلَّ، يَظُلُّto stay, remain; to continue to be; (imperf) to keep on
تَعليمeducation, teaching; instruction
تَعليمات instructions, guidelines
روح، أرواحspirit, should; life
مالmoney, capital
أموالassets, funds, monies
لَيْلٍ/اللَّيْليnight, night-time
لَيْلاًby night
لَيْلاً ونَهاراًday and night
أُسبوع، أسابيعweek
مُؤْتَمَر اتconferences, congress, convention
لِقاء اتmeeting, encounter; interview
رَدَّ، يَرُدُّ، الرَّدّto answer على sb, to respond على to sth/sb; to
return, reciprocate (a favor)
كَي/لِكَيin order to, so that
بِناءbuilding, constructing, erecting; structure, building, edifice
بِناء علىbased on, according to
طَريقةmethod, procedure, way
أعلى/عُلياhigher/highest; advanced, superior
أعلاهabove (mentioned), aforementioned
دَعمsupport, assistance, bolstering, promotion
مَصدَر، مًصادِرsource
حَدَثَ، يَحدُثُto happen, occur, take place
لَحظة، لَحَظاتmoment, instant
فُرصة، فُرَصchance, opportunity
نادي، أنديةclub, association
مَعلوماتinformation, data
هَيئة اتagency, organization; outward appearance, look
قِصّة، قِصَصstory, tale
بِداية اتbeginning, start; starting point
بِداياتorigins, early history
جُنوبsouth, southern part
دَرى، يَدريto know, be aware of sth or ب sth or أنّ
دَعا، يَدعو، الدَعوةto call إلى for sth; to call (upon) sb إلى to do
sth; to invite sb إلى to or to do sth
مُباراة، مُبَرياتgame, match, bout; competition
إذas, since, seeing that; while, when
إذ أنّsince, given that
اِعتَقَدَto believe في in sth, or بأنّ/أنّ that
according to
دَقيقة، دَقائِقminute
مَلِك، مُلوكking
أعلَنَto announce, declare, proclaim (عن) sth or أنّ that
قيمةvalue, worth, importance
قِيَمvalues, morals, ethics
لاعِبplayer, athlete; playing
أدّى، يُؤدّيto cause, produce إلى sth; to lead, direct, guide ب sb إلى to; to perform (function), to carry out (duty, mission); to take
(test, oath)
مادّة، مَوادّsubstance, material; subject matter, topic; (school) course, subject; article, paragraph; material things, money
خَظ، خُظوظline; phone line; air route; airline (company); handwriting; script, calligraphy
عَرْض، عُروضshow, display presentation; offer, tender; width,
رِسالة، رَسائِلletter, missive; message, communication; dissertation,
رِسالاتmission, task
اِنتِخاب اتelection, selection
مَعنىً، مَعانٍ/الَمعانيsense, meaning, significance; concept, nuance
نُقطة، نِقاطpoint, dot; location, position
قَوِيّstrong, powerful; great
حِوار اتdiscussion, conversation, dialogue, talk
رَدّ، رُدودresponse, reply
رَدّ فِعلreaction
لُغة اتlanguage
بَلَغَ، يَبلَغُ، البُلوغto reach, arrive at, attain sth; to hear أنّ
سِعر، أسعارprice, cost, rate
حَصَلَ، يَحصُلُ، الحُصولto get, obtain, acquire على sth
أقَلّless/least, smaller/smallest, lower/lowest; minimum
قَلَّ، يَقُلُّto be less (عن than), decrease, diminish
تَمامexact; complete; good, fine
تَماماًexactly; completely, totally
صَباح morning
صَباحاًin the morning
مَوجودexisting, found, located; present
تَمَنّىto wish ل sb (happiness, success); to hope أنْ that
مَرَض، أمراضillness, disease
تَحَدَّثَto speak إلى/مع to/with sb; to discuss عن (a topic)
أهَمّmore/most important
بُدّescape, avoidance
لا بُدَّ منthere’s no escaping, it’s inevitable
فَعَلَ، يَفعَلُ، الفِعْلto do sth
طَلَبَ، يَطلُبُ to request, ask for sth (من from sb); to apply for
sth; to order, place an order for sth; look for sth; to fail, press
(number on a phone)
صِحّةhealth, wellness; authenticity, truth
وَقَعَ، يَقِعُto fall down; to take place; to be located
لازِمnecessary, required; needed
زَوْج، أزواجspouse; husband
زَوْجانmarried couple
تالٍ/التّالي following, subsequent
بِالتّاليtherefore, consequently
شارِع، شَوارِعstreet
الشّارِع(figurative) the public, public opinion
نار، نيرانfire; gunfire; hellfire
عَديدlarge number, large quantity; numerous, many
صَلّى، يُصَلّي، الصَّلاةto pray; to worship; to say a prayer على for
فِكرة، أفكارidea, concept, notion (عن about)
على فِكرةnow that you mention it, by the way
تَرَكَ، يَترُكُ، التُّركto leave (behind), quit, abandon, sth
دَرَجة اتdegree, grade, level; class, rank
آخِر، أواخِرlast, final, concluding; end, tail, conclusion; bottom,
إلى آخِرِهِet cetera
أخيراً ولَيسَ آخِراًlast but not least
اِجتِماع اتmeeting, gathering
قَريبnear, close; related
وَسَط، أوساطmiddle, center; environment
وَسطَamid, among, in the middle of
أوْساطdiplomatic circle, quarters
نَظَرَ، نَنظُرُ، النَّظرto look إلى at; to examine, look في into
واضِحclear, explicit; obvious, visible
خُصوصregarding this matter, issue; in this regard, respect
خُصوصاًespecially, particularly
إنّماbut rather, on the contrary; (not just) but (also)
مَصلَحة، مَصالِحinterest, advantage, favor; department, agency
أساس، أُسُسfoundation, base; basis, principle
أساساًbasically, fundamentally
على الأساسِon the basis of
في الأساسِin principle
صَحيفة، صُحُفnewspaper
وَقَفَ، يَقِفُto stop, cease (doing sth); to stand, rise
وَقَفَ جَنبَهُto stand by, support sb
ذَهَبَ، يَذهَبُ، الذَّهابto go, leave, depart
زِيارة اتvisiting, visit
رائِعfantastic, amazing, marvelous, magnificent, awesome
إجراء conducting, carrying out, undertaking; procedure, process; step,
measure; move, action
اِتِّصال اتcontact, communication; connection, relation,
حَبَّ، يُحِبُّ، الحُبّto love, like sb; to want, like sth or to do
زَوْجة اتwife
تَنفيذexecution, implementation, carrying out
لَوْن، ألوانcolor, tint, hue; type, sort, kind
قَديم، قُدَماءold, ancient
قُدامىold-timers, veterans
قادِمnext, following, future; arriving, coming
كُرة اتball, globe, sphere
زادَ، يَزيدُ، الزِّيادةto grow, increase; to exceed, go beyond على/عن
sth; to increase, add to (من) sth
عِدّة(idaafa) a number of, (invariable) several, numerous
عَودةreturn, going; return trip
عالٍ/العاليhigh, elevated
سِوىother than, except for
بَحر، بِحارsea
شَعَرَ، يَشعُرُ، الشِّعرto feel, be aware of ب sth
تَقرير، تَقاريرreport, account
مَرَّ، يَمُرُّ، المَرارةto pass by, go by (time, event); to pass by,
go past على/ب sth/sb; to visit, stop by على (sb’s place)
فَتَحَ، يَفتَحُ، الفَتْحto open sth; to open, start (a business); to turn on (lights, radio, TV); to conquer (city, land)
شَهِدَ، يَشهَدُ، الشَّهادةto witness, observe, see sth/sb; to testify, bear witness
سِلاح، أسلِحةweapon; branch of the armed forces
سِلاح الجَوّair force
عِلمknowing; knowledge, information
عِلماً أنّknowing that, in view of the fact that
إعادةrepeating, doing sth again; returning, giving sth back
لَيْلة، اللَّيالي/لَيالٍnight, evening
ثَقافة اتculture, civilization
داخِليّinternal, domestic
مُنَظَّمة اتorganization
فِكْر، أفكارthinking, thought; idea, concept, notion
رَسولmessenger (Muhammad)
رُسُلmessenger, apostle
جُزء، أجزاءpart, section, piece; portion, fraction
اِنتَهىto end, finish, conclude sth
غَريب، غُرَباءstrange; stranger, foreigner
غُرفة، غُرَفroom, chamber
مُرورpassing (of time); going through; passing by; stopping by (to visit); traffic
كَلِمة المُرورpassword
مُروراً لpassing, crossing, going through, via
حُرِّيّة اتfreedom
زِيادةincrease, rise, growth; addition, supplement
قائِد، قادةleader, commander
وَسيلة، وَسائِلdevice, instrument, medium, means
نَقْلtransportation, transfer; transmission, relaying (of news)
نَقْلاً عنquoting, as reported by
حَقيقيّtrue, real, factual, authentic
اِحتاجَto need, want إلى sth/sb
مُستَقبَل(noun) future
مُستَقبَلاًin the future
مَحكَمة، مَحاكِمcourt, tribunal
قِيادةleadership, command; driving (a vehicle), piloting (an aircraft)
قِياداتleaders, commanders
دِفاعdefense (military, legal, sports); protection
سَبيل، سُبُلway, road; means
عِلميّscientific, scholarly, academic
خِيال عِلميّscience fiction
أصل، أُصولsource, origin; descent, lineage; original, master copy
أصلاًoriginally, primarily
أُصولprinciples, basic rules; funds, assets, capital
عِلم، عُلومscience; the study of...
أمْنيّsecurity, safety, protection
مَنزَل، مَنازِلhouse, residence
زَمَنtime, period, duration
بَيانstatement, declaration; bulletin, communiqué; press release
بَياناتdata, information
غَنيّ عن البَيانneedless to say, it goes without saying
غَربيّWestern; Westerner; west of
أثَر، آثارrecord, trace; sign, mark; effect, influence immediately after
ضَرورةnecessity, need
كَريم، كِرامnoble, distinguished; decent, dignified; generous; dear, precious
أساسيّbasic, fundamental
وَرَقة، وَرَق/أوْراق(collective) paper; leaves; cards
جَمعيّة ات association, society
رَسميّofficial, formal
رَسمياًofficially, formally
أُستاذ، أساتِذةprofessor, teacher; (title) Prof, Mr; (polite) sir
اِحتِلالoccupation (of land or property); filling (a post, a position)
أبيَض/بَيضاء/بِيضwhite; whites, Caucasians
مَكتَب، مَكاتِبoffice, bureau, department
مُنتَدىً، مُنتَدَياتassembly room, gathering place; (Internet) forum
مُقاوَمةresistance, opposition
عَظيم، عِظامgreat, mighty, powerful
إعلامinformation, media; informing, notifying
فيلم، أفلامfilm, movie
طَبيعيّnatural, normal
طَلَب اتrequest; demand; application; (purchase) order behind, past, beyond
إلى الوَراءbackward, in reverse
وَحْد(with pron) alone, by itself, only it
فَهِمَ، يَفهَمُ، الفَهْمto understand sth/sb or في sth or أنّ that
دَعوة اتcall; invitation; propaganda; (Islamic) missionary work
خَطوة، خَطَواتstep, stride; measure
تَقديمoffering, presenting, submitting
مَدىًrange, extent, reach; time period, duration
تَجرِبة، تَجارِبexperiment, test; experience, encounter; trial, ordeal
وَحيدonly, sole, exclusive; alone
أميرprince, commander
مُدّةtime period, length of time, interval
تَغْيير ات change, modification; replacement, switch
ماتَ، يَموتُ، المَوْتto die, pass away
دار، دِيار/دورhouse, home, abode; family, household
دُخولentering; entrance
أهَمّيّةimportance, significance
صَعْبdifficult, hard
مُقبِلnext, coming, approaching, nearing
حَدَث، أحداثevent, incident
دَوْرة ات(sports) championship, tournament; cycle, turn, rotation, lap; circulation; round (elections); session (meeting); tour, patrol, round; (school) course, class
دَوْرة مِياهbathroom, toilet
نَشاط، أنشِطةactivity, movement, action
ضِمنَwithin, inside; among
فَنّيّartistic, technical; technician
أوُضَحَ، يوضِحُ، الإيضاحto clarify, explain (ل to sb) أنّ that
قُدرة، قُدُراتcapacity, ability, potential, power
نِصْفhalf, middle, semi-
صَراحةsincerity, candor, frankness
جَماعة اتgroup, party; gang
مَعرِفةknowing sth/sb; meeting sb, becoming acquainted with sb
مَعارِفknowledge, information; culture, education
ظَهَرَ، يَظهَرُ، الظُّهورto appear; seem كَأنّ as if
مُواجَهة اتfacing, confronting, encountering; confrontation, encounter
رَجَعَ، يَرجَعُ، الرُّجوعto return, go back, come back إلى to; to even عن (one’s decision); to go back (بِكَلامِهِ on one’s word)
إيّا(with object pron) to/of it
وَإيّا(with object pron) with it
بُطولة اتheroism; starring role; championship, tournament
نَجاح اتsuccess
لَعِبَ، يَلعَبُ، اللَّعِبto play (game, role)
تَنميةdevelopment, growth; progress
حاجة اتneed, want (for what one lacks); desire, wish; objective, purpose, goal
بِحاجة إلىin need of
فَكَّرَto think في/ب about sth/sb; to consider في أنّ doing sth; to
think believe أنّ that
تَطويرdevelopment, advancement; promotion, encouragement
شَمالnorth; northern
بَنك، بُنوكbank (financial institution)
فَرْد، أفرادindividual, person
فَرداً فَرداًone by one, separately, individually
قَدَم، أقدامfoot (also as a unit of measure)
عامِل، عُمّال employee, worker, laborer; operator; regent, prefect
العامِلونstaff, workforce, personnel
ثَقافيّcultural, intellectual, educational
قاعِدة، قَواعِدrule, principle, basis; military base
عاديّregular, normal; ordinary
أكيدsure, certain, definite
أكيداًdefinitely, for sure
سَواءexcept, whether (or not), regardless, either (or); equality
يَوْميّاًevery day, on a daily basis; per diem
صَلاة، صَلَواتprayer
شاعِر، شُعَراءpoet
حُلْم، أحلامdream
وُصولattainment, achievement
قَتَلَ، يَقتُلُ، القَتْلto kill (often passive)
عَزيز، أعِزّاءdear, precious
عُنوان، عَناوينaddress; title, headline; URL
طَبيب، أطِبّاءphysician, doctor
اِستِخدامusage, using, utilization
عَقْل، عُقولmind, intellect
عيد، أعيادholiday, festival, feast
أمَل، آمالhope, wish
أمَلاًhoping, wishing, in the hope (في أنْ that)
خارِجيّةforeign ministry, foreign office
دَفَعَ، يَدفَعُ، الدَّفْعto push sth; to pay (a sum of money); to compel, move sb إلى to do sth
قِيامundertaking, carrying out ب (task, activity); playing ب (a role); rising, standing up
مُنتَخِب اتelected; national team
جُرديّ، جُنودsoldier
إذَن/إذاًtherefore, consequently
اِتِّفاق اتagreement; accord, treaty
نور، أنوارlight; lamp
شَديدintense, strong, severe
شَعبيّpopular; national, of the people
مُحافظة اتprovince, governorate
اِنتَظَرَto expect, wait for sth/sb
مَثَّلَto represent, speak for sb; to play, act as sb (film); to exemplify, illustrate sth
ظَرْف، ظُروفcircumstance, condition, situation
أُسرة، أُسَرfamily, community
قَريّة، قُرىًvillage
مُقابِلopposite (to), corresponding (to), vis-à-vis
جَوّ، أجواءair, atmosphere; weather, climate
جَوّاًby air, by plane
وِكالة اتagency; office; dealership; proxy, deputation, power of attorney
خُطّة، خُطَطplan, project
مَدَنيّcivil; civilian
شارَكَto participate, share (with sb) في in sth
نَزَلَ، يَنزِلُ، النُّزولto descend; stay في at
صَحّright, correct; true
أزمة، أزَماتcrisis, crunch
بَحَثَ، يَبحَثُ، البَحْثto look, search عن for; to discuss, debate (في) sth; to research, examine, look into في sth
إطلاقreleasing, launching; (النّار) firing, shooting
إطلاقاً/على الإطلاق(yes) absolutely, definitely; (no) not at all
على وَجه الإطلاقfor sure
أوْسَط/وُسطىmiddle, central
مُحاوَلة اتattempt, effort
قَدَرَ، يَقدُرُ، القُدرةto be able to, be capable of (doing sth)
أسوَد، سَوداء، سود black; black people
قِسْم، أقسامsection, portion; department, division
تَحديدspecification; definition
خَلْفback, rear part
من خَلفbehind (of) sth/sb
من الخَلفfrom the back, from the rear; at the back, in the rear
شَمس(feminine) sun
مَزيدaddition, added amount, greater number (من of); more, additional, increased (من)
تَعَرَّضَto be exposed إلى to sth; to encounter, run into, have to deal with إلى sth
اِهتِمامinterest, attention; care, concern
دينيّreligious; spiritual
مُساعَدة اتhelp, support
كافّة(idaafa) all of, the entirety of
كافّةًall together
عَبْد، عَبيدservant, slave
العِبادhumanity, humankind
غَرْبwest; West
غَرْباًwestward, in the west
عاصِمة، عَواصِمcapital city
إطارframework, context
صِحّيّhealth-related, sanitary
مَشكورthankful, grateful; thanks!
حُضورarrival, coming; attending, being present at (meeting, party, concert); viewing (film, TV show)
مَحَلّ، ات/مَحالّplace, location; shop, store
يَهوديّ، يَهودJew, Jewish
تَنظيم اتorganizing, planning; regulating, controlling; organization, network
رِياضةsports; physical exercise; physical education; mathematics
فَضْلfavor, grace; kindness, goodwill; distinction, merit, credit; surplus
بَفَضْلdue to, thanks to
فَضْلاً عنaside from, not to mention
فَضلاً عن ذلكfuthermore, moreover
أثناء/ في أثناءduring
في هذه/تلك الأثناءmeanwhile
حَقَّقَto achieve, realize (success, goals); to serve, promote (interests); to investigate في sth; to interrogate مع sb
رَفَضَ، يَرفُضُ، الرَّفْضto reject, refuse sth
شَخصيّة اتpersonality, identity; person, individual
أمين، أُمَناءtrustee, keeper; secretary; loyal, faithful, reliable
أمين الصُّندوقtreasurer
مُستَشفىً، مُستَشفَياتhospital
طولْlength; height
طولَthroughout, during (the entire)
كَذاthus, like that, in this way
كَذا وكَذاsuch-and-such, so-and-so
كَذا وكَيْتَthis and that
طاقةenergy, power; potential, ability
قائِلsaying; (noun) saying
كاتِب، كُتّاب/كَتَبةwriter, author; office worker, clerk; writing
مَعروفknown, well-known; favor, kind gesture, good deed; what is right
رِياضيّsports, sportive; mathematical; mathematician
تَربية رِياضيةP.E.
اِتَّصَلَto contact ب sb, get in touch ب with sb; to be connected or related إلى to sth
أجنَبيّ، أجانِبforeign, foreigner
جُمهور، جَماهيرmultitude, public, the masses
اِستَمَرَّto last, go on (for a certain amount of time); to continue doing sth
قَرَأَ، يَقرَأُ، القِراءةto read sth
سَماء، سَمَواتsky, heaven
نَسِيَ، يَنسى، النِّسيانto forget sth/sb
حَهْد، جُهودeffort, exertion; endeavor
شَهيد، شُهَداءmartyr
رَفَعَ، يَرفَعُ، الرَّفْعto lift, raise sth; to increase, boost sth; to lodge على against sb (a complaint)
عادة اتhabit, custom, practice
عادةًusually, generally, typically
ضَغْط، ضُغوطpressing, exerting pressure; pressure, stress; voltage
سَهْم، أسهُم(econ) share, stock
سَهْم، سِهامarrow
زَمانtime, period, duration
من زَمانٍ(it has been) for some time; (it was) a long time ago
مَسألة، مَسائِلissue, affair; matter, question
كَوْنbeing, by virtue of being
الكَوْنthe universe, existence
جَريمة، جَرائِمcrime
إرهابterror, terrorism; terrorizing, frightening
قَدْرextent, degree; amount, value; ability, capability, capacity
نِهائيّ اتfinal, definitive, conclusive; final (in sports)

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