Learn Arabic From Adel Imam (Zahaymer) - "Acrobatic Moves"

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Learn Arabic From Adel Imam (Zahaymer) - "Acrobatic Moves"

I was just watching this scene from the Adel Imam movie called Zahaymer (زهايمر).

The main character has dementia and starts forgetting the people around him, and in this particular scene, one of his mistresses calls him but he can't remember who she is.

One term stuck out for me here:



In this context it refers to an 'acrobatic move' or a 'gymnastics flip' and you can probably guess what kind of "move" she's talking about.

سوسو؟ سوسو مين؟

Susu? Susu who?



ازيك يا دودا يا حبيبي؟

How are you Duda my darling?



دودا مين يا ست؟

Who's Duda, woman?

وانتي مين من أصل؟

And who are you anyway?

انا سوسو. انت ازاي مش فكرني؟

I'm Susa. How can you not remember me?

سوسو... اه سوسو اه... سوسو مين؟

Susu... yea Susu yea... Susu who?

بقت قعدت معايا سهرة صباحي ولما اكلمك ضامن نفسك ماتعرفنيش؟

You spent the whole night with me and when I talk to you, you act like you don't know me.

انا قعدت معاكي سهرة صباحي؟

I stayed with you the whole night?

يوم الاثنين

On Monday.

يوم الاثنين؟

On Monday?

على سريري

On my bed.

على سريرك؟

On your bed?!

ماعملتش شقلباظ؟

You didn't do acrobatic moves?

شقلباظ؟ انا كنت شقلباظ؟

Acrobatic moves?! I was doing acrobatic moves?!

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