Learn Arabic From Zaki Shan: Mixture Of Good, Evil And Ruthless

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Zaki Shan’s one of my favourite Egyptian films.

In this scene Zaki’s just been fired from his job and his seriously stressed-out father comes to the rescue to try and get him his job back.

Note: This video doesn’t appear to be available on YouTube anymore.

As they’re walking into the restaurant to see the boss, his dad asked him what kind of person the guy is to which Zaki gives a pretty contradictory answer. 🙂

مهم الرجل المدير ده طيب ولا مش طيب ولا حكايته ايه؟

It’s important (to know) is this manager a good man, a bad man or what’s his story?

ده طيب جدا يا بابا طيب قوي قوي يعني

This guy is really good, dad. Very very good.

طرد لك ليه؟

Why did he sack you?

عشان شرير و مفتري

Because he’s evil and ruthless.

هو طيب ولا شرير و مفتري؟

Is he good or evil and ruthless?!

هو مخلط يا بابا مخلط

He’s a mixture, dad. A mixture.


A mixture.



اسمه ايه؟

What’s his name?

اسمه نادر

His name’s Nadir.

نادر المخلط تعالى

Nadir the mixed man. Come on.

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