Learn all the Arabic verbs you need to speak fluently in every conversation.

Our Essential Arabic Verb Packs will teach you hundreds of the most important verbs for communicating in Arabic.

Available individually or as a bundle.

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Talk In Arabic - Arabic Verb Packs

Knowing which verbs to use and how to conjugate them is one of the biggest challenges for learners of spoken Arabic

So we've made it easy for you.

The Arabic Essential Verb Packs are designed to give you all the verbs that you need to communicate in any situation as well as showing you how to pronounce each and every conjugation in the most important tenses.

We're confident that you'll find these packs to be among the most valuable supplements to your Arabic studies.



Choose your dialect

Currently 4 major dialect packs available: Egyptian, Levantine, Saudi and Moroccan. Or buy them as a bundle and save.


More than 3,200 verb conjugations!

Learn and master over 3,200 verb conjugations for 200+ verbs in the imperfect and perfect tenses.


Clear pronunciation of every verb

High quality MP3 audio allows you to hear every single word spoken slowly and clearly by a native Arabic speaker making it easy for you to listen and repeat.


Neatly organized grammar booklet

45 page PDF Grammar booklet provides every conjugation in an easy-to-read table in both Arabic script and English letters.

FREE verb pack expansions

Receive a lifetime of FREE updates with access to new verbs and tenses as we add them.


Egyptian Arabic verbs



Egyptian Arabic verbs



Egyptian Arabic verbs



Egyptian Arabic verbs



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