Iraqi Military Arabic Phrases, Vocab And Expressions

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Iraqi Military Arabic Phrases, Vocab And Expressions

Arabic still remains one of the highest-demand languages in the US and other Western militaries.

Because of this, there are significant salary perks for any serviceman investing their time and energy into learning Arabic, especially dialects like Iraqi (referred to as "enduring languages" for ongoing importance).

In this guide, I've listed some valuable Iraqi Arabic words and phrases for active military personnel stationed in the Gulf or Mesopotamian regions.


These are the military rank titles in Arabic.

English Transliteration Arabic
Private First Class jundi awil جندي اول
Corporal na2ib 3arif نائب عريف
Sergeant 3arif عريف
Staff Sergeant ra2is 3arifa2 رئيس عرفاء
Master Sergeant na2ib DabiT نائب ضابط
Second Lieutenant mulazim ملازم
First Lieutenant mulazim awil ملازم اول
Captain naqib نقيب
Major ra2id رائد
Lieutenant Colonel muqadim مقدم
Colonel 3aqid عقيد
Brigadier General 3amid عميد
Major General liwa2 لواء
Lieutenant General fariq فريق اول
General fariq awil فريق
General of the Air Force muhib مهيب


By no means comprehensive, but in this table, you'll find the names of common weapon names in Arabic.

English Transliteration Arabic
Knife sakina / sachina سكينة
Handgun musadis مسدس
Rifle bunduqiya بندقية
Bomb qunbula قنبلة
Grenade rumana رمانة
Landmine lughm arDi لغم ارضي
Tank dababa دبابة
Bullets Talaqaat طلقات
Ammunition 3ataad عتاد
RPG qathifa قذيفة
Explosives mutafajarat متفجرات
Armored vehicle mudara3 مدرعة

Imperatives (Commands)

Imperatives are short sentences, usually one or two words only, that are used to tell someone to do something.

English Transliteration Arabic
Go ru7 روح
Come ta3al تعال
Hurry ista3jil استعجل
Get up gum قوم
Sit down ugu3ud اقعد
Everybody outside Tala3u kulukum bara طلعوا كلكم برا
Talk i7ji احجي
Look forward bawa3 ligidam باوع ليقدام
Eat ukul اكل
Drink ishrab اشرب
Hands up irfa3 idayk ارفع ايديك
Be quiet uskut اسكت
Come closer itqarrab اتقرب
Lay down inbuTu7 انبطح
Listen isma3 اسمع
Hands behind your back 5ali idayk wara thahrak خلي ايديك وراء ظهرك
Stop awquf اوقف
Move it7arak اتحرك
Hands up irfa3 idayk ارفع ايديك
Surrender istislim استسلم
Lower your hands nazzal idayk نزل ايديك
Go home ru7 lil-bayt روح لالبيت
Stop talking bilaya 7aji بليه حجي
Tell me quli قلي
Don't be afraid la ti5af لا تخاف
Let us pass 5alina nafut خلينا نفوت
Keep away ibta3idi2 ابتعد
Stay where you are ibqa bimakanak ابقه بمكانك
Calm down ake this nTiniya
Give it to me a5uth hatha اهدأ
Tاخذ هذا ihda انطينيا

Other important military / army Arabic phrases

Here you'll find a handful of other useful Arabic expressions you may need on deployment when interacting with civilians.

وين هويتك؟

Transliteration: wayn hawitak?

English meaning: Where's your ID?

اسمك الاول؟

Transliteration: ismak al-awil

English meaning: First name?


Transliteration: liqabak?

English meaning: Father's last name?

وين مولود؟

Transliteration: wayn mulud?

English meaning: Where were you born?

شنو تاريخ ميلادك؟

Transliteration: shnu tari5 miladak?

English meaning: Date of birth?


Transliteration: al-3anwan?

English meaning: Address?


Transliteration: al-3umur

English meaning: Age?

اسماء اخوتك؟

Transliteration: asma2 a5watak?

English meaning: Names of your siblings?

How to improve your Arabic for military service

The guide above is a good starting point.

Arabic military dictionary

If you want to continue your Arabic preparation, I recommend getting a copy of the Arabic Military Dictionary by Ernest Kay. This is one of the most comprehensive military dictionaries publicly available.

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