Autostrad - I have tomorrow off (Ana Bukra M3attel)

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Autostrad - I have tomorrow off (Ana Bukra M3attel)

This is a fun little upbeat (and very repetitive!) song called Ana Bukra M3attel (انا بكره معطل).

Scroll down for the transcript and notes on some of the vocab and expressions.

أنا بكرة معطل وإنتَ مداوم

I have tomorrow off and you're going to work.

أنا بكرة مداوم، بس بعده معطّل

I'm going to work tomorrow but I'm off the day after tomorrow.

أنا بعده معطّل، أنا يمكن أبطّل

I'm off the day after. I might quit.

صارلي تلاتين يوم مش نازل أنا على الحارة

It's been 30 days since I hung out,

ولا شارب قهوة ولا مدخّن سيجارة

drank coffee or smoked a cigarette.

بس حبيبة قلبي التلاتا أجتني زيارة

But my sweetheart visited me on Tuesday.

مش قادر أدخن، أنا صدري مسكّر

I can't smoke. My chest is tight.

أنا لازم أوقف، أنا لازم أخفف

I should quit. I should (smoke) less.

معطّل - مداوم

Two opposite words to describe if someone is going to work or not.

People usually refer to their work as دوام, for example:

أنا بروح على الدوام بكير

This word has the same root as دائمًا which means ‘always’.

The word معطّل means ‘not going to work’ or ‘on vacation’.

Both words are اسم فاعل which indicate a continuous action.

بعده / بعد بكرة

The day after tomorrow.


To stop doing something. Example:

أنا كنت أدرس فرنسي بس بطّلت

I used to study French but I stopped.

صارلي 30 يوم

I have been (doing something) for 30 days.

Example: صارلي عايش في الأردن خمس سنين

I have been living in Jordan for five years.


The neighborhood.

نازل، شارب، مدخّن

Going down, drinking, smoking.

These words are also اسم فاعل which indicate a continuous action.


She came.

The verb إجى is conjugated as follows:

أنا إجيت
أنتَ إجيت
إنتِ إجيتي
إنتو إجيتوا
إحنا إجينا
هو إجى
هي إجت
همّ إجوا
مش قادر

I’m not able. (This is also اسم فاعل)


Closed (Also اسم فاعل)

لازم أوقّف

I should stop.


To do something less

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