March 2017 Update: Brand New Site Coming Soon

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

March 2017 Update: Brand New Site Coming Soon

UPDATE (May 10th): We're now well over a month behind schedule on the new site (sorry!) but it's close to completion.

*** celebrated its 2 year birthday just a little while ago.

Since we initially went live, we’ve had thousands of members join us from all around the world. The interest in what we’re doing continues to grow! 🙂

In that time, we’ve had a tonne of very useful feedback regarding the site – some positive and some negative – but unfortunately we’ve taken far too long to address the concerns and recommendations many of you have given.

Here are some of the main points of feedback we continue to receive:

1) The site navigation needs to be improved.

2) Absolute beginners often struggle with finding out where to begin as our content was (by design) not meant to be a linear course. Unfortunately what this means is that beginner material ended up buried beneath content that suited higher-level learners making it harder to find.

3) There’s been an imbalance of dialect content (due primarily to demand). We’ve tried to pay attention to user demand and produce more content for dialects that most people are learning. This was a mistake and something we’re now rectifying by hiring additional staff.

4) No free or limited trial.

5) No easy way for students to communicate directly with native teachers for help. The existing forum just hasn’t been working well.

Everything needed to be simplified, clarified and more modernized.

So, a few months ago we signed a contract with some high-end designers and developers to give a brand new look and to respond to all the concerns I just mentioned. We also have new teachers and admin joining the team from various countries to rapidly speed up lesson creation.

We’re hopeful that all these changes will start to be rolled out in just a few weeks time (insha’allah!). -- UPDATE: Unfortunately, we're now over a month behind schedule.

In the meantime, bear with us if there are any (unlikely) intermittent technical issues or temporary downtime.


IMPORTANT: I****n order to cover a lot of the new website development and hiring of permanent staff, our subscription cost****s are likely to increase soon with the release of the new site.

Our existing low monthly subscription fee will continue for current members and not change (unless membership is cancelled).

This is a good time to become a premium member at a low subscription cost before our new site goes live (click here to join).

We’ll make a more formal and detailed announcement as the we get closer to rolling out the new site.


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