10 Best Online Courses To Learn Arabic [In 2023]

Nora Nasr


Nora Nasr

10 Best Online Courses To Learn Arabic [In 2023]

Learning Arabic is a rewarding and exciting experience.

Whether you need it for business, tourism, or simply to satisfy your interest, the Arabic language offers so much.

For those who want to learn Arabic online, there are some excellent online courses. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which course is right for you.

This comprehensive list of the best online Arabic courses should help you out.

I've gone through and evaluated each course, taking into consideration dialect options, pros and cons, pricing, and more.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, there's a course out there that's perfect for you.

Best Arabic courses (online)

Dialects: Egyptian

Summary: Rocket Arabic is a comprehensive Arabic course offered by Rocket Languages and it's designed for structured learners and follows a linear progression, but learners are not obligated to follow this path and can skip lessons if they choose to.

The audio lessons are delivered in a podcast-style format and audio dialogues, covering all language skills equally, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The inbuilt voice recognition technology, using Google's Web Speech technology, is highly accurate.


  • Teaches a spoken dialect (Egyptian) rather than MSA
  • Clear linear progression for structured learners
  • Covers all 4 major language skills evenly
  • Inbuilt leaderboard for motivation
  • Comprehensive course


  • May not be suitable for non-structured learners

Pricing: Starts from $99.95 (auto-applied discount)

2. ArabicPod101

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and various dialects, including Egyptian, Moroccan, and Levantine.

Summary: ArabicPod101 is a comprehensive online Arabic course designed for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The platform focuses on practical, real-life scenarios and provides a hands-on approach to learning, guiding you through real Arabic conversations and explaining every word and phrase.

You can tailor your lessons to your specific goals and needs, whether it's learning for travel, love, or focusing on reading, writing, grammar, or culture.

To help with retention, the course includes word lists, slideshows, flashcards, and audio with line-by-line breakdowns for a more in-depth understanding of native conversations. Pronunciation practice is also made easy with voice-recording tools.

For an even more personalized experience, the Premium PLUS subscription includes 1-on-1 lessons with a personal Arabic teacher who provides feedback, corrections, and answers to any questions via private messenger.


  • Extensive library of audio and video lessons.
  • Cultural insights and language learning tips.
  • Mobile app for learning on the go.


  • Limited content for advanced learners.
  • Subscription-based pricing may be a barrier for some learners.

Pricing: $1 for the first month then $25 per month for the Basic plan. Premium Plus plans are available for $37.60 per month but there are discounts for the longer plans.

3. Glossika Arabic

Dialects: Modern Standard, Egyptian, and Moroccan

Summary: Glossika Arabic is a unique language product that uses a natural, research-based method for language learning.

The course focuses on high repetition of lexical chunks, listening to sequences of sentences at a natural speed, and repeating them.

This method is highly effective for improving listening comprehension and absorbing grammar naturally without tedious memorization.


  • Aligns closely with the author's personal language learning style
  • No grammar memorization or unnatural language learning
  • Suitable for learners who prefer audio over visuals
  • Access to other languages and language pairs with one subscription


  • May need better instructions on how the approach works
  • Reports of errors in scripts

Pricing: $30 a month

4. Alif Arabic

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Summary: Alif Arabic is a language school with a team that is made up of highly qualified Arabic and Quran tutors from Egypt, an experienced administration, and a dedicated staff.

What sets Alif Arabic apart is its focus on providing the best possible online Arabic lessons. Their team of highly qualified Arabic teachers and staff work tirelessly to ensure that learners receive the best possible education.

Additionally, Alif Arabic recognizes the importance of Arabic in the Islamic religion and offers specialized Quranic studies with highly qualified Quran tutors.

With a commitment to delivering quality education and helping students achieve their goals, Alif Arabic is a great choice for anyone looking to learn Arabic online!


  • Clear and structured learning path.
  • Interactive exercises and quizzes.
  • Access to native Arabic speakers for speaking practice.


  • Only MSA is taught, not dialects.
  • Pricing may be a barrier for some learners.

Pricing: The cost for classes offered by 4 Classes varies based on the number of classes chosen, ranging from $22 per month for 4 classes to $95 per month for 20 classes.

5. Arab Academy

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Arabic.

Summary: Arab Academy is an online language school that offers both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Arabic courses, with a focus on communication skills.

The academy provides a variety of learning materials, including video lessons, quizzes, and interactive exercises.


  • Customized learning plan based on your goals and level.
  • Live video sessions with native Arabic teachers.
  • Certified completion certificate for each course.


  • Limited to MSA and Egyptian Arabic dialects.
  • Higher pricing compared to other online courses.
  • The courses offered by Arab Academy may seem outdated compared to newer services like italki.

Pricing: Plans start from $99 per month.

6. Rosetta Stone Arabic

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Summary: Rosetta Stone is a well-known language learning software that uses an immersive teaching method to help learners acquire language skills naturally. Its method is based on intuition and does not provide quick answers or translations.

Instead, learners gradually infer meaning and learn the language without grammar rules.

If your goal is to learn Modern Standard Arabic, Rosetta Stone is a worthwhile investment, but for those interested in Arabic dialects, it may not be the best fit.


  • Immersive learning method.
  • The mobile app is available for learning on the go.
  • Speech recognition technology for pronunciation practice.


  • Focuses only on MSA.
  • May not suit all learning styles.

Pricing: Monthly subscriptions start at $11.99, with longer-term plans available for a lower monthly rate.

7. Duolingo

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

Summary: Duolingo Arabic is a free online language learning platform that offers a course in Modern Standard Arabic. The platform has become a popular choice for language learners, as it is completely free and offers a fun and accessible way to learn Arabic.

However, some people have criticized Duolingo for its gamified approach, which can be repetitive and time-wasting. Additionally, the platform may sell user translations, which is a concern for some people.

Despite these criticisms, Duolingo Arabic is a great option for those who are looking for a non-intimidating way to get started with learning Arabic, and the course seems to offer accurate grammar lessons. It can be a fun downtime activity in between more serious study sessions.


  • Free of charge
  • Can serve as a fun downtime activity
  • Suitable for teenagers who want to learn Arabic in a non-intimidating environment


  • Tedious and repetitive point-and-click format
  • Addictive gamification can be a time-waster rather than a productive study tool
  • Translations may be sold by Duolingo

Pricing: Free

8. italki

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and various dialects, depending on the teacher.

Summary: italki offers a flexible and personalized approach to language learning, allowing students to choose from a variety of Arabic teachers, each with their own teaching style, background, and expertise. This allows students to find the perfect teacher for their learning needs, goals, and preferences.

The platform offers both one-on-one lessons and language exchange, where students can practice their Arabic skills with native speakers.

The lessons can be conducted through a variety of mediums, including video calls, audio calls, and instant messaging, making it possible to study Arabic from anywhere in the world.


  • Wide variety of teachers and dialects to choose from.
  • Customized learning experience based on your needs.
  • Affordable pricing, with many teachers offering trial lessons.


  • It’s not technically a “course”, rather it’s a tutoring platform.
  • Requires a commitment to scheduling and attending lessons.
  • The quality of teachers may vary.

Pricing: Teachers set their own rates, which typically range from $10 to $30 per hour.

9. Memrise Arabic

Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Summary: Memrise is a language learning app that uses spaced repetition, gamification, and engaging multimedia content to help learners acquire Arabic vocabulary and grammar.


  • Fun and engaging learning experience.
  • The mobile app is available for learning on the go.
  • Community-driven content for additional practice.


  • Focuses mainly on vocabulary and grammar, not speaking.
  • Limited to MSA.

Pricing: Free version is available; a Pro subscription costs $8.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

10. Pimsleur Arabic

Dialects: Pimsleur offers courses in three different dialects of Arabic - Levantine, Egyptian, and Modern Standard Arabic.

Summary: Pimsleur is a language learning course that has been around for many decades and has earned a reputation for being one of the best courses for learning Arabic, as well as other languages.

The course is fully audio-based, and the entire course involves spaced-repetition recall of phrases within specific cultural scenarios. This makes Pimsleur an excellent entry course for learning Arabic, but it will only familiarize you with the basics.

It's recommended to treat Pimsleur Arabic as a foundational course and then move on to something more comprehensive.

The course is structured around Pimsleur's spaced repetition algorithm, which has been proven to be extremely effective at training recall in Arabic.


  • A timeless classic with a solid reputation and developed based on second language acquisition studies
  • Effective spaced repetition algorithm for training recall in Arabic
  • Inexpensive
  • Gets you constantly repeating and recalling phrases


  • Some expressions may seem dated and irrelevant
  • Does not equip learners as well as it could for listening comprehension, with too much English being used

Pricing: $14.95 a month subscription or $119.95 per level.

With the abundance of online Arabic courses available, choosing the one that best suits your learning style, goals, and budget is essential.

The courses listed in this blog post offer a variety of learning experiences, from structured courses to one-on-one tutoring and gamified apps.

No matter your preference, there is an online Arabic course out there to help you achieve your language learning goals.

11. Talk In Arabic

Dialects: Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan, Algerian, Gulf, Sudanese, and more.

Summary: Talk In Arabic is a unique platform that provides learners with authentic spoken Arabic practice in various dialects.

Originally started as a personal project to fill the dialect resource gap, it has become the largest and fastest-growing spoken Arabic dialect resource to date.

Talk In Arabic is not a traditional course, but rather a resource bank for independent learners, teachers, and students.

The platform offers a wide variety of lessons in 8 major dialects, ranging from the basics, such as "how to say hello in Tunisian Arabic," to advanced and specific topics, such as "getting your plumbing fixed in Jordanian Arabic."

With new content constantly added in different dialects, including videos, audio podcasts, vocab, transcripts, and lesson notes, learning is made easy and accessible.

The lessons are intentionally short and easy to digest, making it a great platform for busy language learners.

Also, for those who are passionate about both language learning and altruism, you will love this platform since most of the content is sourced directly from refugee teachers, providing their families with an income.

So not only will you be improving your Arabic skills, but you'll also be making a difference in someone's life.


  • Very affordable
  • New content added regularly
  • A wide variety of dialects are available
  • Focus on spoken Arabic in real-life contexts
  • Ever-expanding content added weekly by native speakers of various dialects
  • The only resource dedicated solely to spoken Arabic dialects and presenting 100% natural content in easily digestible formats
  • Variety of different formats to learn from, including podcasts, dialogues, vocab audio, and video
  • Content taught by or sourced from refugees, providing them with an income.


  • It’s not technically a “course” but rather a content provider for Arabic dialects.

Pricing: $12.95 per month or $95.40 per year or lifetime access for $197.

Hope that helps!

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