Saudi Cartoon Masameer (مسامير)

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

Saudi Cartoon Masameer (مسامير)

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This is a clip from an animated Youtube series known as 'Masameer' “مسامير". In Arabic the literal translation means nails/fasteners.

UPDATE: This video clip is no longer available.

This series is known for presenting local issues in very short comedy like sketches. In this clip here you'll find multiple dialects used. Both Fus7a Arabic and the Saudi dialect are part of the characters' dialogue.

Note: There are some MSA lines in this clip so we've separated them from the Saudi dialect content by color below.


حبيبتي كونسويللا أحبك كثيراً

My darling Conseula, I love you very much.

هل تحبيني كثيراً؟

Do you love me very much?

أوه نعم حبيبي أليخاندروا أحبك كثيراً

Oh yes, Alejandro. I love you very much.

Saudi dialect

حاسبتوا الطقاقة؟

Did you pay the Tagaga?

عمتي حاسبتها غاليات الله لا يربحهن

My aunt paid her. They're expensive.

أوه حبيبتي

Oh my love.

عساك للعمى ما تشوف؟

Can't you see?

ما تعرفون تسوقون لا بالبر ولا بالبحر؟

Don't you know how to drive whether it's on land or the sea?


هيه أنت ماذا تفعل هناك؟

Hey, what are you doing there?

هيا إنزل!

Get down!

Saudi dialect

أنزل...أنا وش دخلني فيك؟ أنت اللي ما تعرف تسوق

Get down? It's not my problem... you're the one who doesn't know how to drive.

برج وحيد في البحر هذا كله ما قدرت توخر عنه من 15 كيلو؟

One tower in this entire sea and you couldn't move from 15 kilometers away?


هاه؟ أين نحن؟

Huh? Where are we?

أنت وين أنت فيه يعني؟ في الرياض!

Where do you think we are? In Riyadh.

الرياض؟ الذي أعرفه أن الرياض لا تغطيها المياه

Riyadh? What I know is that Riyadh is not covered with water.

Saudi dialect

إيه جاينا رشة مطر قبل يومين

Yeah we had a little bit of rain two days ago.

دقيقة دقيقة ...ألو...هاه...45 ماتوا؟

One minute, one minute... Hello? 45 have died?

أنا وش دخلني؟

Why does it concern me?

يا رجال خل عنك المهم الموضوع ذاك وش صار عليه؟

Man, forget about this matter... what happened to the (other) thing?

اللي سألتك عنه؟

The one I asked you about.

لا! يا ولد!

No way, man!

سلتوح أمانه قل قسم!

Saltoo7 (the guy's name), swear!

بكرا إجازة!

Tomorrow's a holiday!


A local female wedding singer. This is her profession's name and it comes from using a musical instrument known as ''Al-6ar'' which is a one-sided drum held by both hands.

It's one of the most high paying jobs for females and in this market the more famous she is, the more expensive and hired she'll be.

الله لا يربحهن

This is an idiom, mostly defined as a curse or an evil wish. Its literal meaning is Allah (God), La (No), Yrabi7hin (Gain) (plural feminine).

So basically its saying something like, hopefully God won't grant you any good gain out of something.

عساك للعمى

Also another idiom - another evil wish. Its literal meaning is 3asak (May/Wish), Lil3ama (to be blind).

So he's just cursing the other person for his behavior of not seeing him by wishing him to be blind.

أنا وش دخلني فيك؟

Just a simple question. Ana (I), Wish (What), Da5alni (Made me part of), Feek (You). He's saying What made me part of your stuff (problems)?

ما قدرت توخر

Ma (Not), 2drat (Could), Twa5er (Move aside).

So he's just questioning ironically, couldn't you move?

سلتوح أمانه قل قسم!

Saltoo7 is a very ghetto kind of a name or even a nickname. Amanah (For real), 2il (Say), 2asam (Swear).

In Saudi when you ask someone using 2il 2asam its like asking them to say the word 2asam as a proof of their sincerity.

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