The Lion King in Arabic - I have the lion's share

Asma Wahba


Asma Wahba

The Lion King in Arabic - I have the lion's share

Here's a short snippet and few interesting expressions from Disney's The Lion King in Arabic (Egyptian).

NOTE: The video keeps getting taken down from YouTube, so you'll have to search for it.

There's an expression here that's used in both English and Arabic meaning the greater amount - 'the lion's share'. The expression's used in both language versions of The Lion King movie.

!حذاري تديني ضهرك يا سكار

Beware never turn your back to me Scar! (lit. beware to give me your back)

مفاسا إنت اللي مش لازم تديني ضهرك

Mufasa you are the one who shouldn’t turn your back to me.

إنت بتتحداني ؟

Are you challenging me?

روّق روَّق، أنا مقدرش أتحداك

Calm down. Calm down. I can’t challenge you.

خسارة! ليه لأ؟

What a shame! Why not?

لو عالذكاء أنا لي نصيب الأسد لكن لو المسألة مسألة قوة ... فأنا .. حظي ضعيف قوي... تافه

If it was just for intelligence, I have the lion’s share but if it's strength... I am... my luck is very weak... measely.

Here are some notes on some of the words and expressions used above:


This is used when you want to calm someone down, when you see someone angry you can say it or you can also say:

Calm your nerves - روَّق أعصابك


You can use this if you missed something, if you wanted to see or do something but it’s too late for it so you missed it , for example you wanted to watch a movie that will only come once a month on tv but you missed it so you’d say: خسارة

ليه لأ؟

Why not?

Would you like to be a millionaire? If you’re optimistic enough you’d say ليه لأ؟


Beware/be warned


to challenge (e.g. Are you challenging me? إنت بتتحداني ؟)

نصيب الأسد

the lion's share

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