Arabic Words & Phrases You Need At The Bakery

Nora Nasr


Nora Nasr

Arabic Words & Phrases You Need At The Bakery

Breads and baked sweets are a staple in the Middle East. In fact, the bakery is often considered the heart of the community, where people gather to catch up on the latest news and enjoy a bite to eat.

There's a variety of bread, pastries, and sweets unique to each region. 🍞

Baked goods are also a window into Middle Eastern culture: by trying different types of bread, pastries, and sweets, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the rich and diverse culinary traditions of the Middle East. Visiting a bakery is a great way to learn about the local culture and cuisine.

So for those learning Arabic, the bakery is a great place to start your language-learning journey.

It's a familiar environment that offers a lot of opportunities to practice your new Arabic skills!

Terms related to the Bakery in Arabic

Here are some of the most important words and phrases you'll need to know when visiting a bakery in an Arabic-speaking country:

Arabic Transliteration English
خباز khabbaz baker
مخبز makhbaz bakery
فرن firn oven
عجينة ajeenah dough
العجين al-ajeen the dough
مخبوزات makhbuzat aked goods

Bread in Arabic

It's also important to understand the different types of bread and pastries that are available in an Arabic-speaking bakery.

Here are some common types of bread that you might encounter:

Arabic Transliteration English
خبز khobz bread
خبز جديد khobz jadeed fresh bread
عجينة زعتر aajeena zaatar zaatar bread
عجينة كاملة aajeena kaamilah whole wheat bread
عجينة بالزعتر والزيتون aajeena bil zaatar wazzaytoun zaatar and olive bread
عجينة بالخبز والعسل ajeena bil khobz wal asal bread with honey

Names of cakes & sweets in Arabic

Cakes and sweets play a significant role in the cuisine of the Middle East, offering a delicious and indulgent treat for any occasion.

From rich and buttery cakes to sweet and sticky pastries, there is a wide range of baked goods to choose from.

Here are some terms related to different types of cakes and sweets:

Arabic Transliteration English
كعكة ka'akah cake
الكعك al-ka'ak the cake
حلوى halwa sweet
كعكة تشيز كيك ka'akah cheesecake cheesecake
كيك عيد الميلاد ka'ak eid al mawlid birthday cake
كعكة عيد الزواج ka'akah eid al zawaj wedding cake
كعك عصير ka'ak asir fruit cake
كعك بالبرتقال ka'ak bil bortuqal orange cake
كعكة بالكرز ka'akah bil karaz cherry cake
كعكة بالزنجبيل ka'akah bil zanjabil ginger cake
بودرة boudra pastry crust
حلويات halawiyat sweets / desserts
بسكويت bisqwit biscuit
كريمة kreema creamy dessert
ماكرون macroon Macaron
حلويات بالشوكولاتة والزبدة halawiyat bil shokolata wazobdat chocolate and butter sweets
حلويات بالفراولة والزبدة halawiyat bil farawla wazobdat strawberry and butter sweets
حلويات بالزعتر halawiyat bil zaatar zaatar sweets
حلويات بالخشب halawiyat bil khashab cinnamon sweets
حلويات بالكراميل halawiyat bil karameel caramel sweets
حلويات بالزبدة الحليب halawiyat bil zobdat al-haleeb milk and butter sweets
حلويات بالشوكولاتة البنية halawiyat bil shokolata al-binyah dark chocolate sweets
حلويات بالشوكولاتة الحليب halawiyat bil shokolata al-haleeb milk chocolate sweets
حلويات بالحليب والكاكاو halawiyat bil haleeb wakakao milk and cocoa sweets

In the Middle East, cakes and sweets are not only enjoyed as desserts but also as a symbol of hospitality and generosity. They are often served during special occasions, such as weddings and religious celebrations, and are also given as gifts to guests and loved ones.

The art of baking and decorating cakes and sweets is considered a highly skilled and respected craft in many Arabic-speaking countries, with many bakers and confectioners spending years honing their skills to create the perfect treat!

Useful questions to ask when visiting an Arab bakery

When you visit a bakery in an Arabic-speaking country, it's important to know how to order what you want in the local language.

Here are some useful phrases that will help you do just that:

هل لديكم عجينة زعتر؟

كم تكلف كعكة تشيز كيك؟

ما هي أشهر الحلويات في المخبز؟

ما هي أشهر العجينات في المخبز؟

هل لديكم زعترية؟

هل لديكم خبز بالحليب؟

ما هو أشهر الكعك في المخبز؟

ما هي أشهر الحلويات بالشوكولاتة في المخبز؟

Whether you're looking to try a new type of bread or dessert, or whether you simply want to practice your Arabic skills, these words and phrases will help you get the most out of your visit.

Visiting a bakery in an Arabic-speaking country can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you know some of the most important words and phrases to use.

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